Women’s glasses; Fashion Trends 2017

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As we look at all the major fashion trends of 2017, it’s time to talk about women’s sunglasses. The most popular trend can be found in the shows on the catwalks. Sunglasses often enhance a suit, and that’s what we see here, despite the fact that the person without glasses is more affectionately smiling.

Fashion Week , New York to London, from Milan to Paris theme eclecticism, where designers really played with prints and textures such as lace, embroidery and crystal details. Luxury is also impossible not to notice in the new fashion trends 2017 women’s glasses, which often sends us to the future and back.

fashion trends of 2017 and spring / summer is no exception, it seems, is really up Concentrating on new forms of art, it means that the minimalist make-up can be countered easily and with maximumism balance, from jewelry to points. Style is the main trend of women’s points, not protection from the sun, but the size of some models may not seem wise.

Maxi sunglasses Maxi sunglasses

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The # 1 Trend: Maxi Sunglasses is masthev

Maxi Sunglasses – that’s a topic about That you should be sure to take care if you want to follow the best fashion trends. If you like the little sunglasses, podiums spring and summer 2017 will know the big sunglasses will reign, and expect this rule to continue in the fall and winter.

Round fashionable frame with floral decoration as well as the striped butterfly can be found at Dolce & Gabbana, square frames with golden sequins at Gucci, big aviator sunglasses with engraved Chanel appearance and these round numbers at Escada with double cores. We’re looking at big places in the Cg in Custo Barcelona, ​​a combination of round and cat-eye frames at Marni and D-Lenses at Fields Fields, as they are from Boss Bibhu Mohapatra and Banana Republic are not that far off.

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Trend # 2: Socket Cat’s Eye is on the podium

It’s not surprising how it works The cat’s eye-frame ruled fashion catwalks and seems to appear everywhere but not as big as previously thought. Many modern women today prefer to mix with round-edged cat-eye frames, bringing together two of the most admired styles at a glance. Cat frame vividly presented in Eudon Choi, as well as in the notorious Moschino.

At Anna Sui all the models of sunglasses presented in floral details that are especially good when there is a forest green frame with soft amethyst lenses

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Trend # 3: Geometric Intriguing Points

If you prefer a rectangular frame around sunglasses and cat frame, you’re in luck! Whatever you want, you can see on the catwalks, including some excellent futuristic model Marco de Vincenzo, who jumps out of the matrix and the geometric points at Costume National has an interesting rounded shape.

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The # 4 Trend: Points Flyers still dominate in style

Magnificent aviator sunglasses can be seen everywhere, From the futuristic but beautiful Chanel models with multiple colors and razor-edged models to acne points to a crescendo impact on the glass. In addition, Stella McCartney offers red and green reflective sunglasses that cover half of the face with her bulky scale. At House of Holland, it turns red, yellow.

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The # 5 Trend: A Fascinating Detail on Anywhere

Details, details and details … There are all kinds, shapes and designs in terms of details, from the smallest to the best of ornaments. You want exciting details? Look at the beauties in round glasses, at the opening ceremony, where you will find sunglasses with the details that you will find in your mind.

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The Trend # 6: Irregularly Shaped Lenses

Obviously the colors vary from lens to lens and the lens shape have a unique appealing enough. Shapes of the animals continue to appear around both shoes and handbags. Now they are visible on the silhouettes and fashion trends of 2017 sunglasses, including red and white striped figures by Dolce & Gabbana with dark lenses.

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The Trend # 7: Brown Lens Favorite

The lenses come in different colors and Shades, but it seems that the dark lenses strongly hold the top slot. They are the best option for protection against the sun’s gruesome glare, like the futuristic lens in the gray frame of Marco di Vincenzo, a combination of round and cat frames with aqua like that of Fendi, and red and white striped figures of Dolce & Gabbana ,

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