Women’s Fashionable Underwear 2017

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Any imperfection in clothing robs confidence, even if it’s only visible to you. Just be aware that hiding from prying eyes does not feel ideal. So beautiful laundry will never lose relevance. Hidden under the clothes, it pleases a fact of their presence is the key to a good mood for the whole day. It remains just a stylish set, guided by the current trends of the season and to guide your preferences.

Pastel colors

This area is perfect for underwear: it with the Skin melts and looks harmonious. Delicate shades in no way inferior to bright – on the contrary, they can be called more than winning. Thanks to the original design, translucent fabric to make an interesting pastel products are among the best recognized. They come in a variety of styles and are presented in a wide variety.

pastel colors1

White color

The white model in something conservative, although this does not make them bad. It is necessary to admit, they look pretty cool, and always relevant. And you can find both everyday and special options – for example, wedding sets that differ in many ways. That’s the choice of clothes really great.



Red Palette

Red and all its variations in the 2017th year, the trend will not be very popular, despite the fact that the eye color catches, and the way for sand palm, milk, golden tones and shades of ivory. Sit comfortably on the edge, attract the attention of passionate women.

red palette1

red palette

Fashion Prints

In priority – delicate patterns, especially flowers and animal motifs. abstract images are also welcome, geometric patterns (squares, stripes, polka dots, and so on.). Your main task – to give the image of shine and grace.

fashion prints

fashion prints1

Corrective Products

Despite its name and purpose, they should not be confused with sculpting things. They do not compress the body and is not in a vise, and the only aid available to hide artfully imperfections. More specifically, camouflage, effectively extra pounds, to distract attention from unfavorable angles, or, on the contrary, visually increases that it needs.


Feminine sentences

Couturiers decided to diversify the coming cold season, so bet on femininity. Your main weapon against the gloominess of the everyday are weightless sensitive materials: lace, mesh and lace, comfortable on the skin.

Also, softness of the image adds undemanding decorative elements such as rhinestones, pearls, small non-functional buttons. The bright design of balanced low-key modest palettes.



Wedding Options

Withheld in fashion and perfectly snow-white underwear. In general, it is selected under the dress, allowing a variety of models. The main thing is that it was not noticeable under the formal attire. So, if you choose the clothes unconventional color, with bra and panties should be the appropriate scale.

wedding options

wedding options1