What Manicure Stars Choose: Photos of World Stars

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Sharing the result of a trip to the Nail Studio through popular social networks is one Become a tradition that does not even follow the celebrities. With a great manicure that quickly becomes a role model for imitation, they’ve certainly captured their profiles in the Instagram photos. What is the difference between the manicure of the stars and the design of the nails of ordinary fashion ladies? In our review, we will look at the most curious examples of star manicure and find such a technique of nail art to the taste of native and foreign stars.


Bright and eccentric Rihanna follows the classic approach of manicuring and chooses the usual shades and traditional techniques – a jacket, a moonlight. As a rule, the star performs a nail art in a red color palette or in tones of all colors on long false nails.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is a great inventor of the creation of an unusual and bright manicure. It can combine in a nail art at once multiple shadows and 2-3 techniques of execution: from a classic monophonic coating to applications and volumetric metal overlays. Often, Rita Ora lists her own design for each nail. This design looks unusual and very catchy.


Subscribers to the popular singer were amazed by Beyoncé’s desire to do a manicure at home, but she showed this simple nail art on her shoulder. His manicure Beyoncé plays in natural tones in the style of the famous purse of Louis Vuitton .

Kim Kardashian

The Epauletive Diva prefers Nail Art in calm pastel colors, but on long, almost pointed nails. For many commentators, this is an easy way to visually shadow an engagement ring with impressive dimensions.

Lily Allen

Lily is a big fan of the photography genre on her nails. If you look through the photo in her Instagram profile, you’ll be amazed by the boundless imagination of Lily Allen. So, if you do not know where to get ideas for new nail art, subscribe to Lily, she will definitely be able to find something new and unusual. In the gallery of the star you will find a manicure with portraits of famous musicians, cartoon characters, gems and other original ornaments.

Cara Delevingne

In all walks of life, rebel Cara Delevingne prefers an unconventional hooligan approach. The star has not bypassed the manicure, which often plays in acidic colors, with eloquent slogans. Strict pedestal rules oblige Karou Delevin to a neutral manicure, so that the star in the everyday nail art successfully recovers the lost time.

Chloe Moretz

When you look through the nail art of Chloe Moret, you come to believe that the star has not yet decided on the manicure that she likes , Maybe she wants to try out as many nail art variations as possible to finally decide which one suits her best. Today, Chloe is performing a pastel-colored manicure with the effect of Tweed, and tomorrow we can see the Nail Art with contrasting stripes and pop art designs.

Jesse J

A star who likes experimenting with the design of nails , Jesse Jay feels the line between restrained and defiant manicure very gently, so that the design with perforation imitation is diluted in the nails with a calm shade of varnish.


Singer Kesha loves outrageous and original nail art. Even if the manicure is done in a pastel jacket, it is necessary with piercings in the nails. The star brings his designs to the epic era with the help of gold jewelry on the nail plates.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner does not like voluminous and saturated designs. The larger the star, the longer are the nails with sour tones.

Alexa Chung

Despite the madness of long nails, Alexa Chung shows pretty, short marigolds with a popular and acclaimed design that mimics the nocturnal starry sky.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa prefers gold. A lot of gold. This precious material covers even the tips of the nails. Particularly impressive is the design with unusual sprays with decorations of pr
ecious metal in similar color.

Manicure of Russian stars: unusual and good ideas

Russian stars are no less prone to manicures than their Western counterparts. At every opportunity, they spread stylish profiles of manicure in social network profiles they want to share with subscribers.


In the loaded Singer Nyusha’s diary rarely raises the point of “attending a master of manicure,” so she prefers natural and natural nail art appropriate for every situation, stage, and star party.

Kseniya Borodina

The latest photos from the Xenia report Borodina testify that the well-known TV presenter liked the design that combines two trends – the moon manicure and the jacket. Nail art stars are more often executed in soft white and pink tones.

Vera Brezhnev

In her social media report, Vera Brezhneva admits that she prefers natural, soft paint colors. At the same time, the star uses the unpopular and resistant coating of the shell and uses innovative and safe vinylux. The coating does not keep the nails longer than 7 days and looks great.