What makes you look luxurious even without the means: fashion tips

by admin

Contrary to popular beliefs to look beautiful and stylish, it is not necessary to own one Million dollar account or being the wife of an indecent rich man. Any girl can be beautiful, just keep these little secrets in mind.

Second Hand

Commission stores, secondhand and flea markets can not only have very low prices but also unique items. But they are even appreciated by fashion-savvy top stylists and bloggers.

In addition, many things can be purchased in perfect condition, you just have to focus on the search. Very often you come across really high quality branded products. For example, sneakers Adidas, Nike and clothing from Zara, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and other brands.

Sewing and updating clothing

Find a good one Seamstress. A pro can easily sew a beautiful dress or adapt it to your figure. Adjust the length of the skirt, the jeans and the pants in the hips. Perfectly fitting clothing creates a perfect, harmonious image.

You can also try as a designer. The internet is full of simple videos and text workshops where things can be painted, altered, or fine-cut.

Basic Things

Bet on a minimal basis. In such garments, it pays to invest the majority of funds for the wardrobe. For trends, it is sufficient to leave 30% of the total seasonal costs. This approach will spare you the regret of the open-minded fashion for shiny boots, colorful fur coats or plastic bags. Affordable accessories will help dilute the quiet image.

Basis for the base:

  • Graben in the color camel;
  • Beautifully fitting blue jeans;
  • Pencil Skirt;
  • Black turtleneck;
  • White T-shirt and shirt;
  • Universal dress (no print);
  • Striped Vest

It’s important to know that a truly elegant image is always about minimalism. Prefer monochrome combinations and add jewelry already.

If you’re not sure what to wear, choose Black. Such garments are perfectly combined with other picture elements and always remain relevant. Or do the opposite – add white color. A white T-shirt, a coat or a pair of trousers is, of course, terribly impractical, but always very impressive.

Men’s Wardrobe

In the last century, it succeeded Women to commit “theft of the century” and to bring many elements of the mansion in her wardrobe. And it seems that this glorious tradition continues in this century.

Borrow things from your friend or husband, brother, father. Bulky T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, coarse belts and bags will make your look look great. It is not necessary to devote to all serious things – an element in your outfit is enough. Free and stylish.

Grandma’s Wardrobe

Vintage items look bright and unusual. Look at the breast of the grandmother. He certainly retains at least one thing that deserves attention. It happens that the fabric from which the dress was sewn, is very high quality and the thing is in good condition for a long time. Complete the picture with red lipstick, bag and shoes second hand and go to the photo shoot!

You can top up your wardrobe with a bright windbreaker, an Olympia shirt or a T-shirt with your older brother’s favorite rock band. The benefits of the 1990s era are now in vogue.

Picture Design

It is not enough to select worthy things, it is important to submit them correctly. Roll up your sleeves, pull up your jeans, put your shirt edge carelessly in trousers, put it all in or tie it all together like a top piece – emphasize the shape or create a relaxed bow.

Play with the bill. Complement a lightweight dress with a flowing structure with a cozy coarse-knit cardigan or a wool sweater. A few more accessories – and you get a bright and interesting picture.

The play of contrasts works great with a range of dress and sneakers. By the way, the dress can be vintage style, approve of Selena Gomez!


Point accents make the picture unique. To look luxurious, it is not necessary to wear jewelry every day, especially not all at once. It is better to turn to cheap jewelry – elegant pendants, bracelets, earrings made of base metal. You can attach one or two different earrings – why should the good be lost?

You can find very original options at the flea market as well as with your beloved grandmother. Find a cute ring or earrings, make a beautiful story and brag about bringing a treasure to your friends.

You can also complete the picture with a red beret that you bought in used or old glasses, cheap socks with colorful print (eg bananas) or a scarf tied around your neck and arm.


The best thing you can do with your hair is to keep it clean and tidy too hold. If desired, straighten with an iron or make volumetric curls. Incidentally, the latter should be easily straightened by hand so that they look natural. Ideally, the separation can even take place centrally or obliquely.

For a hairstyle, you do not have to bother too much – hold on to a light braid with front curls or tail.

Make up

It is also better to know the measure. An even tone of the face, perfect eyebrows, a little mascara, a light accent on the eyes or lips for the evening – that’s enough. Carefully processed, heavy make-up is best left for a photo shoot.


If the picture has already been put together and it seems that all details have been taken into account, how offensive it will be to “sting” because of the cracked lacquer! Do not neglect this important point. Neglected nails can destroy all efforts for the image. Use cuticle oil, file your nails, and color them with clear lacquer – these measures are enough to look well-groomed.