Warm shoes for the January and February frosts

by admin

January has just begun, which means we spend at least two months on cold, snow and unpleasant slush waiting. It stays patient and warm winter shoes. Read the most fashionable options for 2019 below!

Winter is gaining momentum, and if you want to keep the cold warm and beautiful, it’s time to put stylish winter shoes in your wardrobe. For you, we have selected 6 options that look great under both a down jacket and an eco fur coat. And we promise: no ugg!

Warm and fashionable boots

These cuddly shoes, which are decorated with fur outside, will also be popular in 2019. Look for eco-friendly options – there are plenty of them that look really good – and opt for the look. Well-kept boots from the picture are perfect for daily office outings, and the fluffy “overgrown” couple is the right choice for the weekend.

Winter boot with rubberised bottom 2019

A good option in the case of a thaw. Imagine: Everyone jumps through melting snow drifts and puddles, and you come boldly in the middle. The shoes in the photo – Sorel – are suitable for the city and for activities in the countryside: snowmobiling, winter fishing and camping. These shoes are popular with Hollywood stars and withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees!

Winter trekking shoes or hay fever

Yes, These are warm sneakers. Yes, they exist and they are in fashion. So take the right pair and combine bravely with pants, jeans and dresses. By the way, Haytopov has another big plus: She does not slip through tracking soles.

Warm and brutal Martins

If you To add spice to your picture, select dr. Martens self-airing girls’ dresses are filled with fashionable rudeness, and your feet stay warm and in extreme cold. Incidentally, the Martins are the favorite shoes of the model Kaiya Gerber. The girl combines them with short shorts and feminine dresses.

Fashionable Moon Boots 2019

Mun Boots are a great way to warm yourself up Bright colors, trendy patterns and shiny sequins lift your mood on a chilly morning and refresh your dark jeans and down jacket.

Winter Timberlands

Timby is in fashion for a long time and we think it will stay with us for a long time. These warm, dependable, fashionable winter shoes 2019 protect against the cold and work well under a delicate dress or skirt. For example, if you are tired of the classic sand, look for these chocolate shoes.

Biker-style winter boots

We close the Meeting with a purposely rough boot: Biker. Do not slide, actually fit under everything and keep your feet warm even in extreme cold.