Update Wardrobe: A Selection of the Most Fashionable Skirts in 2019

by admin

Women’s wardrobe is hard to imagine without a fashionable skirt. Mini, Midi, Maxi – which styles you can not meet with modern girls? And what will happen in the trend of 2019? We search and vote together.

Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is definitely a classic of the genre. In the new season, such a fashionable skirt can not only be the subject of the office style, but also an excellent option for a walk, a date and a secular dinner. A long pencil skirt made of textured material, light knitwear, leather or shiny fabric is a real highlight for any look.

Wrap skirt

If you look at the collections of fashionable skirts 2019, we can say with certainty that the styles of the 80s play a new role. For example, a long or short wrap skirt. This is a practical and stylish option for every occasion. And if you decorate such a fashionable skirt with a nice belt, the picture becomes even more interesting!

Pleated Skirt

Small wrinkles on the fabric are also popular in 2019. Fashionable skirt with folds can not only make the wardrobe varied, but also useful if you do not know what to wear. White blouse, black pleated skirt and bright red lips – a stylish look is here!

Printed skirt

Printed clothing continues to conquer the catwalks of the world and the love of many girls. In 2019, fashionable skirts with a bright print are at the height of popularity, so choose your perfect cut. Colorful drawings or animalistic patterns on skirts are perfectly combined with monophonic golf, blouses and jackets. Take in general what your heart desires!

Check skirt

Trendy Plaid Skirts have not lost relevance for several seasons. In 2019, this trend will continue to inspire girls. The cell can be small, large and not just oblique. The main thing is to combine it with other garments to get a really stylish look.

Leather Skirt

Leather products have a special charm, so they always look expensive and stylish. As for the fashionable leather skirts in 2019, the styles with the effect of vinyl are more suitable than ever before. Smooth and dull, long and short, classic and with décor – you have the choice of a fashionable skirt !