Trendy Women’s Skirts Spring 2019: 50+ Ideas for a Chic Image

by admin

No more feminine and elegant in the wardrobe of the fairer sex than an elegant skirt. According to the stylist, a woman should have at least three skirts with different styles for all occasions. With help, you can create stylish and unique images.

It is not enough to fill a range of casual clothes with skirts. It is important that they are stylish, stylish and in line with the latest design trends. The skirts fashion is very changeable and may affect the traits of many women who are in constant change. That’s why we have prepared a detailed overview of stylish skirts that will be in fashion in the spring of 2019.

Fashionable denim skirts: Spring 2019

Denim skirts are an indispensable item for women’s clothing. It can be worn in both winter and spring when it is too early to wear light chiffon models and it is already hot on wool models. In the new season, denim skirts have gone through many changes – style, décor, length, colors, but one thing remains unchanged – a comfortable and lightweight material.

In the spring of 2018, swollen models and classic pencil skirts are the trend. In such outfits models of Christian Dior, Kaner Walker, Versace and others shone on the catwalk. Which style you choose depends on your preference. Maybe both options will help your everyday wardrobe.

Stylish Skirts with Lace: Spring 2019

Top models become the gentlest and most feminine style of the world be in the spring of 2019. The pattern with openwork patterns looks good in almost every situation, from gala evenings to walks with friends. It is important to harmonize the whole thing with a lace skirt. When it comes to a model with warm pastel shades, you should not opt ​​for a too light top, otherwise you have the feeling to wear a carnival costume.

Effective and austere, lace appears in dark tones. The top for such models is chosen to match the skirt or in a contrasting combination. Take a look at the shows of famous designers Chanel, Miu Miu and Fausto Puglisi and see what your outfit should look like with a lace skirt.

Fashion Skirts with Ruffles: Spring 2019

Flounces and ruffles are another novelty of the spring season 2019. Such models give the image a certain freedom, both in business and in casual look Great. Remember that you need to combine a skirt with a fitted bodice. This will balance the image, do not choose bulky blouses or T-shirts.

Fashionable wrap skirts: Spring 2019

Stylish models with a fragrance return to the world stage. This style was popular in the late ’90s when every girl felt it was her duty to sew or buy a wrap skirt. At that time, the maxi models had priority, but today fashionistas have no length restrictions and you can even choose a fashionable wrap skirt in a mini version.

A really stylish wrap skirt uses unusual textures , unusual colors and decor in the form of fringes and ribbons that hang comfortably to the hem. The idea with a scent woke new life with skirts styles like pencil skirts, maxi models and tulip skirts. In the new version, they look elegant and stylish.

Fashionable Skirts on the Ground: Spring 2019

Maxi skirts are always popular with girls. The spring season of 2019 has made its own adjustments to this classic style. If earlier models with buttons or other decor have been securely fastened along the entire length, skirts in the floor will be provided with a deep, seductive slit in the spring of 2019, which can reach the hip line and higher as the girl wishes.

The shades are bright, juicy tones in fashion, rich in fashion collections by designers Stella McCartney, Vionnet and Issey Miyake

High Waisted Skirts: Spring 2019

High waist models are popular with many fashionistas as they visually enhance their legs l
engthen and make her hips more expressive. In such a skirt, your silhouette looks slimmer and more sophisticated.

A high waisted skirt can be combined with a short top, an elegant blouse and a lightweight jacket. Popular models this season with wide original straps.

Fashionable Pleated Skirts: Spring 2019

Pleated skirts stood at the top of the fashion base last year, they would not give up their positions in 2019, but on the contrary, they would be extremely popular in spring and summer dresses for young fashionistas. Pleated skirts make the picture light and airy, incredibly feminine and sophisticated.

Gentle, almost weightless pleated skirts perfect for slim girls. Prefer models with maximum length or skirts on the hanger.

Trendy skirts with fringes: Spring 2019

Fringe, as a continuation of Trends with ruffles and ruffles will be a frequent “guest” of skirts in spring 2018. Such a model seems unusual due to the “mobility” of this decorative element. Fringes can be on the hem of the skirt or follow the cut. You have to combine such a skirt with strict jackets or jackets. A no less attractive fringe-look model with casual-style T-shirts and pullovers. The image of sandals on shkilke, slippers or sneakers is completed.

Spring 2019 Fashion skirts: current colors and prints

The style of the skirt is fully expressed when complemented by the appropriate color scheme and original design. In the spring of 2018, single-color models without décor and skirts with bright large prints occupying almost the entire model area will be in vogue.

Simple white skirts refer to the basic classics. In the spring of 2019 white models become a trend hit, a must for every fashion-conscious girl. The styles can be absolutely random, but the most stylish color of this color is in midi skirts with high waist, slit and sport styles.

Traditionally, spring and summer styles contain bright, rich tones. A variety of prints, from simple stripes to colorful flower prints will complement the spring skirts of 2019.

The undisputed favorite of spring 2019 is a flower print that looks quite fresh and radiant. This outfit is filled with romance and good mood. When choosing the top for printed skirts, you must follow certain rules. Shirts, tops or T-shirts should be predominantly monophonic or repeating and the color and pattern on the skirt should continue visually.

Many girls today prefer trousers and jeans for comfort and versatility , Some just do not wear skirts, considering they will not go. Men say that a woman in a skirt looks much more attractive and seductive. Keep in mind that you will always look stylish and elegant, feminine and gentle, when you wear a light and elegant skirt.