Trendy Women’s Hats: 8 Current Autumn-Winter Trends 2019

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The onset of cold weather is no reason to dress in shapeless outerwear and head in headscarves and wrap hats of last year. On the contrary, the beginning of the fall-winter season is a great opportunity to update your wardrobe and choose accessories that will enhance your personality.

The autumn-winter look looks without a warm one and above all fashionable hat unfinished. This accessory, with which even the most uncomplicated loop can be “pulled out”, fits elegantly into a complex ensemble and becomes a stylish and comfortable detail.

TOP-8 Fashion Hats Fall-Winter 2019

Modern fashion women make different demands on headgear. The cap should be comfortable, beautiful, warm and practical. The accessory should ideally match a variety of outerwear and express the character of its owner with its appearance. In the autumn-winter collection, designers completely solved the challenges they had set for them and offered the girls some interesting and stylish ideas.

Trend 1. Knitted hats: a symbiosis of beauty and comfort

Knitted hats, which are perfectly warm in the cold, look sweet and comfortable. You can link almost any model. The trend of the season has hats, binks, earflaps or “helmets” with three-dimensional patterns. Combine such models with scarves and mittens of the same design and wear them under a coat or close-fitting coat.

Autumn knit caps -Winter 2019 are increasingly represented by models with fur or Garnbesatz. At the same time, the dreams of the favorites of the past seasons faded into the background. They are worn out of habit, but usually as a full replacement for a scarf.

Trend 2. Bini caps – a stylish idea from a sports wardrobe

The Bini caps, which used to be a sporty style, have shown themselves today in everyday life in all their glory. It’s handy for girls to wear a hat on their head that does not fall off, that keeps their ears tight, warm and looks stylish and attractive at the same time.

In the trendy model with all the feminine decorative elements such as rhinestones, pearls, embroidery, stones. It is important to use jewelery in small quantities, otherwise the refined headgear will become poor and tasteless.

Trend 3. Bulk berets – must have fall-winter 2019

The French beret is one of the most elegant headwear in the ladies wardrobe. This season has changed noticeably, and the volume is increasing. Stylists presented on the catwalk models with a very large volume, under which even the thickest hair shock can easily hide.

In the trend of the model made of thick fabric, wool and even fur. It can not be ruled out that accessories look like a combination of textures that look stylish with plain-colored outerwear.

Trend 4 Fur hats – retro models that are always in fashion

Fur hats always find their owners and prefer non-standard retro or ethno-style images. The fur hats in 2019 seemed to have disappeared from the pages of fashion magazines of the 1970s, when the so-called “Russian style” prevailed.

A girl with every kind of color and body will look good in a fox or a fox Raccoon cub decorated with a tail. If voluminous fur products do not suit you, you should look at classic earflaps, boyars, hats, capers with long ties.

Trend 5. Autumn-Winter Caps 2019

Hats with protection in the ear migrated out of kindergarten on an adult basis and sat down here perfect. The main decoration of such hats are the ears, which can be made in the classic, semi-circular design or in the form of funny little muzzles of small animals. Take a look at the photo below, which shows the beautiful hats of the famous fashion designer Anna Sui from America. If you prefer more caps for adults, then check out the Diesel Black Gold brand collection.

Trend 6. Stylish and feminine hats Autumn-Winter 2019

Hats are popular in the fall season when it’s still far from real frosts, but I still want to protect my head from the wind with something creative and stylish.

To lift a hat, you need to first focus on your appearance and your figure. Take a look at the collections of Lanvin, Armani, Chistian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and you’ll see what an ideal image with an elegant hat should look like.

Stylists recommend a classic hat or a boho Model
to wear. Take a look at the products near the men’s wardrobe. They are a perfect match for suits and informal occasional sheets.

Trend 7. Stylish beanies – a great alternative to women’s hats

In the new season, the stylists have tried to change the presentation of girls’ fashion caps , Gone are the “boyish” models with lace or large rhinestones, which give place to the thematic headgear in maritime or military motifs. Models by Dior, Chanel in their collections point to the rebellious 60s, when the men’s cap was the perfect complement to the Protestant image of women.

Trend 8. Veil – the romantic trend of autumn-winter 2019

The veil has long been a symbol of secrecy, captivating the feminine charm and was only suitable for the evening. Stylists recommend decorating classic and even sporty hats with a veil.

The length and decoration of the grille depends entirely on personal preference. In the trend of the model with ultra-short veil or net completely cover the face. Pearls, volumetric Kanzashi flowers and feathers are used to complement the image.

Stylish Hoodies

Autumn-winter season is not only rich in headgear models, but also in their graphic design Design. Regarding knitted patterns, the more interesting and flourished the pattern is, the better. At the same time there is a strong pairing with trends in trend.

The knitted Bini presents patterns with logos, large inscriptions, ethnic patterns and geometry. To create romantic pictures, choose hats with floral motifs and refer to the past summer season.

In the wardrobe of each girl, there are a dozen different Caps are located. The cost of hats is low, so that fashionistas have the opportunity to make their outerwear for every outerwear. Take a walk with our TOP 8 fashion hats in fall and winter 2019 and choose a stylish, warm, cozy hat for the coming cold season.