Trendy skirts 2017 styles of skirts in 2017

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When we update the wardrobe, it’s mostly headed by their own intuition, momentary desire, “I’m here now Want a dress, “and the appropriate mood. Each of us has our own taste and style. But fashion collections can always be a source of inspiration for new imagery and unexpected combinations.

For example, as a basic clothing item, a skirt can be a thousand variations. For some women it’s “down” for every day, for others – just rich spending options, and all the other times they do not get out of comfortable pants. Let us look at the displays of the new collections and see what interesting things designers have done in the fashion of skirts in 2017.

Trendy skirts 2017 – Trends

Trendy Skirts 2017 Leather Skirts

Regardless of the attitude of this fact, the defenders of animal skin (and fur) will always dress one of the most popular materials like fashion designers and fans stylish. And in 2017, the skin featured again in many fashion collections. As for skirts – there are types of unsafe sexy black mini to unconventional silhouettes for custom color.

Often this skin is still replaced with artificial material: leaves against Greenpeace are not only neutral, but also much cheaper.


Trendy Skirts 2017 Pleated Skirt

Another trend that now and again in the collections of the coming year flashing – pleated skirt. You would think that in such a skirt you remember schoolgirl? Do not worry, it’s not just about the length of the Mini. Pleated midi skirt fashion in 2017 looks really feminine.


Trendy skirts 2017. Skirt with a low cut

This is very spicy detail, how to cut on the skirt, it continues to pursue in the minds of designers. Of course we talk about the length Midi and Maxi. To compensate for the openness of the floor, combine it with the top down. Note how fashionable skirt combined with a slit from the Fall-Winter 2017 collection with warm sweaters.


Trendy Skirts 2017 Skirts with applications

Since the application itself is a trend 2016-2017 fashion shows, it is not surprising to find it and skirts. And it can be a completely non-intrusive image and extravagant image on the already gaudy miniskirt with slits. It all depends on your style and on which you are going to wear this skirt.


Trendy Skirts 2017 Metallized Fabrics

Do you want to add brightness in the fall-winter wardrobe? Wear shiny skirt that resembles a metal like texture. If for every day wear a skirt and hold yourself caller – leave it for commemorative. Such skirts will be enough to stand out from the others. The color may vary from the traditional metal (gray, silver) to the open-light colors.


Trendy Skirts 2017. Asymmetry

Asymmetry in the silhouette of the skirt can be expressed as you like – from lightning from the right hip to the left knee, too oblique cut. Especially for the figure model with asymmetry Matched to your reflection in the mirror add a touch of extravagance.


Trendy skirts 2017 skirt with smell

Alternative section. According to current fashion rock with the smell of cut, leaving the silhouette remains a touch of light exposure of the feet. Length may vary. But more often than in 2017 fashion houses prefer this point on midi skirts.


Fashion Rock Fall Winter 2017

Rock in the cold season should not only choose to run, but also the practicality of the model. The most logical in the warm skirt will be the following components:

  • high waist,
  • heavy and dense fabric,
  • maxi length,
  • Fur trim (if you like).

Option to go out, in winter or fall, noticed one of the fashion shows – from a velvet skirt. And smart, and warm enough. The color palette offers a gold-on-black solution.


Trendy Skirts Spring-Summer 2017

On the podium will not disappear, skirts of airy fabric, long and light flutter. The trend has already been approved in the summer of 2016 – a short petticoats made of thick fabric and long permeable top layer of openwork lace or tulle. Sometimes, however, designers have exchanged layers of transparent fabric and turned up the lowest level. It turns out, very nice and fresh.


Of course, spring and summer can not without short skirts. Bright color combinations, bold prints with stripes – everything you need for a summer mood.


Stylish styles of skirts in 2017

skirts maxi 2017

silhouette, both suitable for cold and warm for the season, depending on the fabric.
Fashion long skirt fall 2017 and Winter 2017 suggest experiments with layered. You can even wear a skirt of a different, similar color and texture.


Pencil Skirt 2017

Needless to say that the pencil skirt is still in a trend? Style, has long become a classic, beloved clothing designer. Popular high waist and length just below kolena.Chasto found pressure in the form of cells.


Unusually looks asymmetrical pencil skirt.


culottes 2017

In the upcoming season culottes looks very romantic – flying from soft pastel colored fabric. This model is not very practical to wear (imagine how a person next to you comes to stand leg and smile), but it would be unusual substitute for evening dress.


An interesting variation of the style “rock trousers” with one of the hits: pants combine oriental style skirt with two slits in the front. It turns out, very exotic and mysterious.


Fashionable denim skirt 2017

Denim never goes out of fashi
on. Skirts Denim comfortable and easy to wear. The collections of the coming year are models of different lengths and shapes – from the skirts to the floor, as if from the nineties returns denim short trapezoids with metal buttons. They can be worn in the cold season, and in the warm, correctly picking up the remaining parts of the picture.