Trendy Silver Manicure: Ideas for Brilliant Nail Art

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Modern nail art trends promote the metallic color in all its manifestations. Trendy women with mirrored nails appear on the catwalks and combine them with equally spectacular, iridescent pants and dresses. Masters of nail design have taken up the idea with a brilliant manicure and offer fashionable women the most unusual options with silver paint.

Silver screen moderately spectacular, intelligent, not boring and eye-catching. With monophonic design with stripes in mirror color you make a stylish and unique nail art.

Silver Manicure: Photo ideas for a brilliant design

Silver Manicure: Photo Ideas for a Brilliant Design

Silver color is the novelty of the nail industry. This unusual color was rarely used to even create a solemn manicure. This season’s designers have come to appreciate the metallic color that appears in both festive and everyday design.

Silver Manicure has many advantages:

  • A Spectacular Look – Shiny marigolds will be an outstanding decoration of your image. Like gemstones they give the design a noble and noble appearance. On the other hand, silver is a shade that is hard to describe and outrageous.
  • Universality – a silver tint is faithful to most modern garments. Silver design is a perfect match for business, youth, denim and romantic style. Especially suitable in marigold look in the style of dress and boho-grunge.
  • Adaptability – Silver sparkles for both long and short nails. Stylish and original on any nail shape.

Silver coating is a traditional choice to create a festive nail art, such as New Year’s Eve, wedding, dinner in a restaurant, birthday. In addition, sequins and metal patterns can be successfully used in everyday designs. Nails with a silver design enhance the effect of rings and bracelets on your hands.

Silver Manicure 2019: All Ways to Create a Mirror Design

There are 8 basic techniques for making a silver manicure using which you can realize unsurpassed nail art with a fascinating mirror surface at home. It is possible that this list will be replenished soon, because there are no limits to the imagination of girls, especially when it comes to beauty.

Silver Manicure can be created with:

  • Sparkle
  • Foil
  • Thermo Adhesive Tape
  • Glossy Strips
  • Silver Paint
  • Mica
  • Grinding with metal
  • Silver brewing

We suggest looking at several options to understand which of them are for your nails

Silver Glitter Manicure

The method of application differs according to particle size and expected effect. Paint with glitter – small glitter – can be applied in the traditional way. It is sufficient to dip a brush into a bottle and coat the prepared nail plates with a varnish. The density of the sparks varies by applying several layers.

Apply dry glitter to the nail plate with an applicator. Sprinkle the particles on the still dry paint or on the sticky layer gel polish. After a few minutes, the paint dries off and can be covered with the top.

The sparkling technique looks beautiful and effective as the density of silver particles gradually increases from nail root to rim.

Silver Manicure with Foil

Manicure with foil is also called “mirror” or “Hollywood”. For the silver design, a special manicure foil is used, which is attached to the nail plate with the aid of a special adhesive.

The sequence of actions to create a manicure with foil includes:

  • Basic application
  • Nail cover with special adhesive
  • Foil Rest
  • Remove the excess with the help of nail files or Other Manicure Tools

To increase the strength of the finished design, the film is covered with a topcoat. In that case, be prepared for the slide to lose some of its brilliance. If the spectacular effect of mirror nail art is more important to you than its durability, you can skip this step.

Manicure with silver stripes

Not too long ago, thin shiny stripes appeared in nail shops, making them ideal for creating geometric figures on nails. Normally, after creating perfectly smooth edges, the shiny stripes were removed, but later the sparkling lines became decoration itself. With the help of silver stripes, nail art masters create stunning designs with stripe and check patterns.

Silver Manicure for Short Nails

Work on short nails Bright sunglasses much more spectacular and punchy than on long ones. The color silver can be classified as light tones. So, if you own marigolds up to 3mm long, you are welcome to give them a silver pattern.

The hit of the season for short nails is a mirror rubbing, which creates a delightful gloss effect on the nails. Rubbing is a silver finish of the finish, the final shape of which can vary depending on the color of the substrate.

Colored backing gives the mirror coating some of its color. Looks great when rubbing silver on a white background. To get the perfect chrome surface, cover the nail with a gel tip, no stickiness or normal surface. Lightly rub on a dried surface with a sponge.

Black and Silver Manicure

How to Make a Black Manicure Less Dull and Spectacular? It’s simple, just add it with silver glitter or other shiny details. The contrast between black and silver looks stylish and beneficial.

In such designs, silver replaces white, giving you hundreds of unique nail art for solemn and create everyday events. In the tendency of geometric shapes, stripes, the abstract transition from silver to black.

Use black as the primary color for the nail design. It is easier to apply to nails, which is not true for silver sparkles, which are only an adjunct to manicure.

Manicure white with silver

White manicure is a universal solution for most life situations. So that your design does not look like the nail art of a bride, complete it with silver patterns, glitter and rhinestones. As with black manicure, silver is only part of the overall design. It is not worth giving silver to all fingernails for a spectacular look. It is enough to decorate them with a ring finger or to put all nails on the root hole.

The combination of white and silver is particularly impressive in winter nail art , Nature itself tells us what to show on the nails – snow-white design with a scattering of dazzling silver glitter.

Silver color is very friendly. It goes well with all colors. Trend designs in black, white, pink, blue with silver decoration. In the new season, you’ll see bold nail art that combines two “precious” paints – gold and silver.