Trends: Fashion Jewelry

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Fashion Jewelry Styles, Shapes, TRENDS

Even the most refined dish and seasoning must be complete helps to reveal all his taste depth. Similarly, with clothing – style and tasteful decorations help add flavor to the image, and in some cases dramatically change the style and concept of clothing. Jewelery to face almost all – and young girls and elegant ladies, middle-aged. Fashion jewelry again enhances the pedestal luxurious femininity and elegance.

What kind of jewelry in fashion

Which jewelry will be significant this summer? After studying the general trends of the leading fashion houses, we can come to some conclusions, focusing on that, you will be able to overshadow all their elegance and awareness of trends in the current season.

The most important motto of fashion jewelry – the size matters.

best fit large jewelry made of plastic, wood or metal. As for the shape, everything is also subject to simple geometric shapes – it can be round, square or cube. Feel free to decorate elegant neck wide plastic beads, bulky necklaces, pendants and necklaces attracting massively unusual shapes. These stylish jewelry will not leave you stranded in the hot city jungle!

Fashion Jewelry1

In spring and summer, still in fashion massive rings with big, bright stones. Golden amber – a real must-have of the season, so if you do not already have amber jewelry, we recommend a quick fix of this misunderstanding. We recommend paying attention to the other semi-precious stones – turquoise, jasper, rock crystal is in special honor.

Fashion Jewelry2

Large round bracelets are still on the top. This summer they are recommended to be worn on the forearm and definitely one for each hand. Do not lose relevance and wide leather bracelets tight shape, which also carry on both hands, all at once. But the earrings are no longer absolutely symmetrical decoration – in many collections like Agnona Aganovich and you could see in one ear mannequins with massive earring.

Fashion Jewelry3

In recent years, one can observe the triumphant return of brooches. Beautiful big brooch in the shape of a flower, an insect or unusual geometric figures decorate the dull business clothing or adding coquetry in the daily image.

So accents in look`e!

A well chosen jewelry can transform you, so ignore it does not follow.