Top celebrity tattoos and their meanings

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Tattoos on the body are very important to their owners. Often they remind of important events in life or of experienced emotions. Famous people are no exception, especially since their lives are filled with brilliant events. The bodies of many of them resemble an art gallery, and the more interesting is the importance of each tattoo.

For example, the artist’s fingers are filled with letters that add up to congratulations , Timati shows them at the end of each clip, which has already become a kind of trademark. On the back of the frame is a skull with crossed microphones and the inscription “The Boss”. Above the shoulder blades is the inscription “Moscow City”. Every psychologist would have seen all of this and referred to the artist’s complexes, but his fans see this pathos as particularly chic.

The outer sides of Timati’s palm trees are labeled ” Black Star “, as the name of the artist is called, decorated. Yunusov’s elbows are filled with two big stars. It takes a long time to pay attention to every Tattoo Timur. In this case, they are all made conscience in the best salons in the world.

Original tattoos in the sense of Basta

In the year 2000, an ordinary guy came Vasily Vakulenko himself with the pseudonym Basta to life and began his career in show business. He is also known by the nickname Noggano. Vasily is not only famous as a performer, director and presenter on the radio, but also because of his numerous tattoos.

On the artist’s shoulder two crooks are drawn, with which two letters G are connected in one of Vakulenko’s nicknames. One of the actor’s hands is filled with the sentence “Quien si no mi”, which is translated as “Who if not me”. On the second hand is “Vaya con Dios” – “I go with God”. Such jewelry was published by Basil Philosopher. Also on the hands there are tattoos in the form of original beautiful shells. The foot of the artist is decorated with the image of a monkey with a microphone. This is due to the year the owner was born and the boundless love of music.

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

It is difficult to blame Victoria Beckham for the lack of taste and style. For many years she is a recognized style icon. Many of the tattoos on the girl’s body are paired because they exactly repeat on the body of her husband David Beckham. This is a sign of a special bond and deep feelings within the couple.

On the back of Victoria is written in Hebrew: “My husband is mine and I belong to my husband. “David has the same inscription, just a woman. Just below Victoria, there are five stars with eight rays symbolizing family members. On the left wrist of the girl are the husband’s initials symbolizing a deep affection for the spouse.

The date on May 8, 1997 is engraved on the right , According to Victoria, she and David had come very close that day. Later, after a spit, the cause of the divorce was almost fixed and the couple reconciled. Ironically, the starting point of the new happy days was May 8, 2006, which was instantly stamped in Victoria’s body with the word “new.”

Tattoo Lady Gaga for Fans

Lady Gaga is an eccentric, extraordinary person. It is not surprising that her body is covered with all kinds of pictures. This can be seen both in concerts and in numerous photographs in social networks.

The singer loves to show her tattoos and sometimes dedicates them to entire photo shoots. Like many other celebrities, Lady Gaga tattoos featured significant events in life. At her age, she had already extensively painted her body, suggesting the performer’s sentimentality.

The most popular tattoos are chamomile on the back. She also actively shows a tattoo dedicated to her fans. It’s called “my little monsters”. So Lady Gaga lovingly calls her fans.

Tattoos Megan Fox – Memories of Experience

Many young actresses followed in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, one the first to show the media significant traces of her body. Megan Fox also made a fashion trend and started celebrating the events she experienced with tattoos.

In total, on the actress’s body 9 drawings. One of the unusual tattoos by Megan Fox was the tattoo in honor of the talented actor Mickey Rourke, with whom the girl was lucky enough to star in a movie. The rest of the tattoos were also the result of stress and the strongest emotions Megan had experienced.

Eminem Tattoos

Perhaps rappers are the most interesting group of people for those interested in tattooing. Their bodies are littered with all sorts of inscriptions, slogans, fat images, and other attributes of the subculture.

Eminem stays behind his colleagues in the store carrying his “iconostasis” on the body. Paparazzi counted on the body of the white rapper with 10 bodies. On the left wrist of the performer is a bracelet, which became one of the first on the body of the singer. The tattoo was intoxicated. For Eminem itself, drawing has a special meaning.

The inscription D12 means the first letter of the hometown of the actor Detroit and the name of the group Dirty Dozen. Ronnie R.I.P and an atmospheric image were made to commemorate the dead uncle to whom Eminem was strongly attached. The inscription “Slit Me” reminds the actor of the times when he thought of suicide. The confrontation with his wife caused the appearance of a tattoo on his stomach in the form of a grave stone with the inscription Red In Pieces. On the corpus of the reference is also a portrait of the daughter and the inscription Hailie Jade (the name of the daughter).

The last tattoo was made in 2006, as Eminem’s friend and Founder of the D12 Proof Group was killed.

All these patterns on the body tell the world that the stars are also human beings capable of feeling and experiencing. Their sentimentality is poured into drawings that someone demonstrates and explains with pleasure, and someone hides from prying eyes under their clothes.