TOP 10 of the most beautiful dresses in the world: luxurious outfits by world stars

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Genius designers are able to create true and luxurious and magical wonders create unusual women’s outfits. If you look at the most beautiful dresses in the world, you will be amazed by the imagination and professionalism of the masters. Represented by famous designers of the model cause a stir among the fashionable crowd.

Often the most beautiful dresses in the world are created on an individual order and are not cheap. The cost of some outfits just rolls over and that’s not surprising, because they use gems and the best specimens of fabrics for their decoration. There are models in which there is no decoration with diamonds, but they surprise the public with a transparent design and an unusual style. We draw your attention to the ten most expensive and beautiful clothes ever created by world designers.

The most expensive clothes designed by luxury designers

Luxurious Dress by Faiyzali Abdullah

The Muslim Dress by Debbie Wingham

Abay, a traditional Muslim dress designed by British fashion designer Debbie Wingham from Dubai, estimates $ 17.7 million worth of experts. The elegant black cloth is embroidered with gold thread and decorated with 2 000 diamonds. The clothes were made using white, black and rare expensive red diamonds. Abay’s dress was showcased at a social event in one of Dubai’s elite hotels.

Halle Berry Dress

The masterpiece of Lebanese designer Elie Saab made a real sensation when it appeared on the red carpet of the famous actress Holi Bury. The dress is referred to as one of the most outrageous outfits. In this Holi Bury appeared in 2002 at the Academy Awards. Charming Burgundy outfit is adorned with a sheer bodice decorated with floral embroidery that barely conceal the actress’s bust.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

From the splendor of celebrities waiting for a special chic and unusual appearance. Kate Middleton largely met the expectations of the fans and appeared at the wedding reception in an ivory dress with lace flower applications. Designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of fashion house Alexander McQueen, the train’s dress – 2.7 meters – captivates with its beauty and laconic lines. As the basis for the wedding dress, Kate Middleton was given an outfit in which Grace Kelly married Prince of Monaco Rainier III.

Gorgeous dress from Luly Yang

The masterpiece of fashion designer Luly Yang has not gone out of style for several years and continues to thrill the world. The dress in the form of wing-like butterfly wings is considered the most beautiful, beautiful and fashionable outfit for today. Initially, the fashion designer embodied her idea in paper form and later led a dress from the material. The dress is made of finest precious silk, which imitates the movements of the wings of a flying butterfly while walking. A tight bodice of the dress is decorated with a braid of feathers.

Dress the enchanting Marilyn Monroe

The beautiful Marilyn Monroe dress was called Happy Birthday. The outfit was designed in 1952 by designer Jean Louis on the birthday of John F. Kennedy. Made of thin, translucent fabric, the dress creates a nudity. The material was stitched to more than six thousand tiny diamonds.

Marilyn Monroe paid an incredible sum of $ 12,000 at this time and impressed the President with an open and charming dress. Today, a masterpiece by Jean Louis belongs to the company Gotta Have It, which in 1999 acquired a dress for more than 1 million US dollars. According to experts, the outfit costs much more, the amount paid for it.

Unbeatable Debbie Wingham Masterpiece

Another brilliant masterpiece by the famous fashion designer and designer, named one of the most beautiful and charming clothes in the world. To create a clothing designer for about six months, the total weight of the clothing was 14 kilograms. This mass can be explained by the use of 50 black diamonds and a number of other gems whose weight exceeds 5 carats. Chiffon, crepe de chine and satin were used as the basis for diamonds. Experts estimate the dress at $ 5.5 million.

On beautiful dress by Naomi Watts

The list of the most beautiful and expensive dresses in the world is complemented by an outfit from the fashion house Armani Prive, which was created by Naomi Watts individual order. About the creation of the masterpiece, they worked more than 2 months. Such a long and meticulous work was carried out that the star blinded the guests to the Academy Awards in a literal and figurative sense. The brilliant dress by Naomi Watts is adorned with Neil Lane diamonds, the style has an asymmetrical neckline. The silhouette of the dress is as laconic as possible, the lower part of the dress has the shape of a narrowed skirt.

Dress Emmy Adam

One of the world’s most charming and expensive outfits belongs to actress Emmy Adams. The dress was created by unique sketches and decorated with many pearl streets. The dress is made in pale blue color with numerous lace ruffles made of transparent tulle. Amy Adams appeared in this luxurious dress at the Oscars in front of the public. Way out of help in this dress for Amy was therefore difficult, during a photo shoot she needed the help of assistants who stick to a splendid plume dress.

Olivia Wilde’s Iridescent Dress

American movie star Olivia Ould has spiced up her wardrobe with one of the most beautiful dresses in the world. In this outfit, the actress performed at the 2011 Golden Globe Award Ceremony. Dress Olivia Ouald received the title of the most beautiful evening dress. The dress is designed in a gray and black color scheme with silver glittering and a slight mocha tone.

Magnificent dresses by world-renowned designers are sometimes for ordinary women not available to the fashion that deserve such outfits no less than the world stars. We hurry to please the girls – many fashion designers take the pictures for their outfits, creating the guru of the fashion industry for celebrities. You can shine in dresses that are identical to the most b
eautiful garments in the world, but with less expensive decorations.