Tiny Tattoos

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Speaking of tattoos, many people want to fill their little figure, as it’s easy to hide, and it looks aesthetically pleasing. Small tattoos for girls are not only suitable for self-expression, but also for cosmetic purposes.



Many people with portable numbers hide birthmarks, scars, and other blemishes. This is a pretty good solution because these tattoos do not deprive owners of their femininity and their seductive allure. On the contrary, many portable tattoos highlight sexy girls. Small numbers are good because they require minimal care after application. Today, for women, a large number of tattoo designs that look simple and elegant have developed.



If you should pick a drawing about the main rule, do not forget the tattoo – it has to carry a certain meaning. In his tattoo people express love for an animal, place, person, beat successfully passed the exam, call your happiness and happiness. The tattoos of women often show flowers, fairies, animals, signs and symbols. For girls, the main thing that was interesting is tattoos unique and not to come with a friend, as they not only need to express themselves, but also in personality.

Tattoos for men has long been associated with a special one Symbolism and very knowledgeable person tells a lot about the character traits and personality of the wearer occupied by their men. From the ancient times, the great leaders who fought for a whole people, applied to his body ligation of intricate tattoos that everyone knew about their deeds.

Classic males will find Gothic, Celtic and Biker Tattoos tattoos. In great demand among the strong sex are drawings of dragons and other heraldic animals. For centuries, men have been stuffing pictures of robbers – often a way for a man to stop totem, the outward manifestation of his inner state of mind. Often, tattoo parlors on the internet fall in love with some photos of tattoo and ask them to recreate the master.



Men do not usually melochatsya, their tattoos and big eye-catching, but women usually prefer small and elegant, so they can hide for a variety of outlying places You can tattoo, if something happens.

Often, women choose patterns with birds that speak to their inner freedom and inspiration. At the fair sex tattoos show a bird in flight, whose wings spread. Almost all pictures with the birds carry a positive energy, it is not the ravens and vultures concerned. Back and even walking small tattoos with birds look very cute and flavor on the picture on hand, lower.



Butterfly on a woman’s body describe its complex nature, emphasizing the natural elegance. Tattoo with beautiful, colorful and unique filled butterflies on the wrist, on the shoulder or even the finger. She is playful woman who loves flirting.

Tattoos on the foot basically filled women as shin men often covered with hair, and physically good filling patterns will be problematic. Tattooing is always a great way to emphasize and express your style, gain talisman, and always wear their totem animal.

BEAUTIFUL SMALL TATTOO for men and women