Tights 2019: Photos and fashion pictures

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Extravagant, romantic or formal, slightly playful or provocative … It is not necessary to completely change the wardrobe, to create pictures. It is sufficient to select the fashionable tights 2019 exactly. In fashion – bright colors and their complex, spectacular combinations.

Tights are not just a stylish addition to this trend. You can adjust the mood and style of the image as a whole.

Fashion Tights: Spring 2019

In every fashion season, spring becomes the point of reference for new styles and trends in fashion. The spring of 2019 was no exception: the tights with active bright colors was no longer shocking novelty. They have become an indispensable part of fashion pictures.

What exactly is color in fashion? In any case, nobody will answer you, not even the most advanced designer or stylist. Each of them will name more than a dozen colors and shades, which means you can now select your own assortment today in the general trend.

The only thing worth remembering is that, frankly, bright, light shades of pantyhose will inevitably fill your legs. Therefore, it is better to choose them in a matte version and to combine very carefully with clothing and shoes.

How exactly do fashionable pictures with color tights 2019 go on the photo – here:

The only color this season is for stylists in Disgrace is classic beige or monochrome. Today it is just a sign of a strict dress code that sets its own rules. In all other cases, especially in the fashionable summer look, such tights should not be used at all in 2019.

Which tights in fashion in 2019

All the shades of the rainbow, this season, are not a sign of courageous and sometimes too daring images. Who of the girls over 18 had no thought: I would not look ridiculous in bright color models … No, especially if you choose the colors exactly.

For example, fashionable spring 2019 tights in blue color may be bright aquamarine and noble sapphire, and even purple. Such colors, along with a selection of gray and brown, are today an excellent alternative to classic and universal black.

Unexpected, but very stylish in everyday and quite classic pictures, complex shades look very stylish. Plum, cherry, mustard, the full range of coffee brown and gray tones is a must-have palette for a casual, sophisticated outfit.

Fashion Tights for Summer 2019

The year 2016 brought a new approach to printing in addition to active colors into fashion. They as well as expressive tones are today not only regarded as signs of avant-garde and ultra-youth images.

With such Design Step lets you style almost any picture stylishly – just add it with fashionable tights. In 2019, not only traditional geometric, floral and abstract designs but also beautiful tattoos were imitated.

In order to look perfect on such models, you should not forget that a large contrast pattern inevitably fills your legs completely unnecessarily. But gentle transitions of tones and shades – on the contrary – emphasize the harmony.

Like a little bright pattern on a dark background. But the most flattering print for women’s legs for which you can tell the designer – the stripe is of course vertical. It transforms and makes immaculately visually leaner and even longer than all your legs.

Each favorite cell will not add an inch more volume if it’s diagonally-diamonds, but due to its traditional position, it’s better not to risk it.

Fashion for tights in year 2019

The fashion for tights in 2019 not only demands the image of femininity, but also of light provocation. Very elegant and immaculately feminine models with a back seam.
Today, they are presented not only in the evening – black version, but also in quite everyday nuances of “cappuccino”.

The most extravagant fashionable women become the Color Mesh models love – they are trendy today. In addition to tights with rhinestone trim, an elegant vertical pattern on the ankle is one of the hits of the season. The only rule stylists insist on: creating a stylish and elegant image, choosing a thing – or a bright color or an active decor.