Teenage Manicure: Original and Stylish Design Ideas

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Despite all the difficulties, puberty is an amazing time when all girls start to change in their eyes. Of course, there are experiments with clothing styles in search of a particular expression. They also start to look after themselves and try to make-up. The same applies to the manicure, but unlike the classic, the adolescent has his own characteristics. Therefore, today we will understand all subtleties and consider the most popular and attractive nail design ideas.

Manicure functions for teens

No matter what kind of nail design you are planning, it’s worth putting them in order. They must be well-kept and tidy. Otherwise, no drawing makes them attractive.

First, we find that young girls have a rather soft and sensitive nail plate , Therefore, it is not recommended to dampen the nails and the more to cut the cuticle. The best option is a European manicure. Older girls over the age of 15 can receive a classic manicure, but only if necessary.

Teenage Manicure: Fashion Trends 2019

Of course, the fashion trends for girls and teens differ considerably. Most importantly, because the school has rules that must be obeyed.

The most important ones in 2018 are naked and neutral sounds that combine well. These are of course beige, milky, gray, pink, blue and also black and white. They look good in everyday life and go well with school uniforms.

Delicate translucent pinks and beige are also a trend. They are often used to create a French manicure. But as a monochromatic coating, they also look no less attractive.

For a more expressive, but not too bright, manicure, we recommend looking at pastel colors. It can be blue, yellow, lavender, pink, mint and others. They are perfectly combined so you can experiment.

Whatever color you choose, the main thing is that it is sufficiently reserved and quiet. Bright colors are not desired in school and do not look very good with the shape.

Teenage Manicure Ideas

With all the variety, choosing the right nail design option for a teenager is quite difficult. Of course it is important to consider personal desires, but it is worth considering the general trends. Therefore, we have prepared a selection suitable for young students.

Monochrome Coating

The most universal solution for a girl’s daily life is to cover her nails with a neutral hue. Such a manicure does not differ from the general image. In addition, it fits well with any clothing.

Minimalist Designs

Minimalist style images are not relevant to season one. In fact, this is predictable because the design of the nails is inconspicuous and looks good even without working in the office or at school. The main thing is to choose a neutral hue.

Different stripes, dots, small flower buds and other pictures are a great solution for everyday school life. If desired, they can be made at home. The result will not be worse than the salon, the main thing is to practice something.

French Manicure

The classic nails design solution is definitely for a teenager. In addition, the French manicure fits in with everything and supports the general classic style of school uniforms. You can use a template to create at home. You can even make stripes with it.

Moon Manicure

Quite simple in design, but that’s why the no less attractive Moon manicure is always popular with teenagers. In addition, several shades can be used. For this reason, it will look a bit more unusual.

Short Nail Manicures: Stylish Ideas for Teens

If in the past all girls wanted to grow long nails, then the trends have changed a bit. According to nail masters you can implement almost any idea on short nails. Moreover, such a length is much more comfortable in life.

If you choose bright lacquer tones, you can add absolutely any decor, and it will be fitting. The main thing is that it is not too bright and voluminous. Otherwise, the design is slightly overloaded.

Trendy teenage summer manicure

In summer, teenagers are not allowed to experiment with nail design. After all, this season wants a combination of bright colors and bold choices. For example, a gradient design always looks especially nice. Choose shades in the same color or in the same contrast. Each of the options is relevant this year.

Manicure with an unusual pattern

In the summer season, you can certainly choose any design option. For example, unusual drawings are always interesting and attract attention. These can be heroes of your favorite cartoons that are on a few nails. You can draw them yourself or use them for those special stickers called sliders.

There can be a variety of fruits and even cuts. Such drawings are more relevant than ever in the summer. After all, they look good in everyday life and support the chosen clothing style with bright accents.

Other patterns are appropriate. For example, the peas look particularly sweet in 2019. You can also create a floral or geometric pattern. In general, everything depends on your desire.

As you can see, there are a variety of nail design options for teens. Of course, while studying, it is important to keep to a few rules. In summer you can experiment and try something new.