Tattoo Heart: a combination of romance and profound meaning

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The image of the heart is one of the most recognizable symbols on the planet. Wherever you are, the heart will always look the same and be seen as a sign of love and sincerity.

In the tattoo industry As in fashion in general, girls’ preferences are constantly changing. But the only image that has been relevant for several centuries is the heart. The popularity of this figure is explained not so much by the sensual meaning that sets the owner, but the universality of such a tattoo. Depending on the technique and the availability of additional sketch decorations, the heart tattoo looks great on both brutal men and fragile and refined girls.

Heart Tattoos: meaning and popular sketches

When you abstract from the conventional meaning of the heart, you can use the symbol in the tattoo to set any meaning. The way the image is perceived primarily affects a particular sketch or composition.

Today it is rare to meet courageous souls, who represent on their bodies the heart in detail with blood vessels, aorta etc. This tattoo looks rather strange and unusual. Most often the master chooses different variations, including the heart in a general composition with inscriptions or other symbols.

The most popular sketches of tattoos with a heart are :

  • Heart with wings – symbolizes love and willingness to perform the most unexpected acts for her
  • broken heart – talking about lost broken love
  • heart with a sword – an unmistakable sign of a hot heart full of courage and courage

Everyone puts their own meaning into the heart tattoo, but the main feature of this image remains unchanged. The heart is a symbol of eternal love and romance, the embodiment of all living, inner powers of man. In what variations this tattoo is presented, it will be the embodiment of courage, friendship, the source of life, compassion.

The Historical Importance of a Tattoo with a Heart

Representatives of many peoples have come to the conclusion in the past that the heart is not only is one of the human organs, but the main source of vitality. People have noticed that the heart is the cradle of feelings and feelings. They are loved and hated, pleased and impressed.

In modern art, the image of the heart is often supplemented with inscriptions and syllables. The words are depicted on a ribbon that surrounds him. The classic version of this sketch contains the word “MOM”, meaning “mum”.

The decorating of the body with tattoos with a heart was a popular case of bikers and sailors of the second half of the 20th century. For her, tattooing was a way to classify herself as a particular caste. During the Second World War, a heart-shaped tattoo had a deeper meaning. It reminded employees of relatives and friends, of beloved people they are fighting for.

Tattoo Heart: popular sketches for girls

The classic meaning of the heart is romantic feelings, love and sympathy. Modern tattoo industry offers the 3 most popular sketches with a deep historical meaning.

Ivy-shaped heart

This picture is considered Symbol of passion. Often, such a tattoo has an obscene meaning. The fact is that ivy was considered as an attribute of the god of viticulture by Dionysos, often the plant was the emblem of “Houses of Tolerance”. Today, the unimportant meaning of such a sketch was forgotten, just a beautiful tattoo, which affects both the male and the female body.

Swans in the shape of the heart

The sketch is like this designed to make the swans a heart at the moment of contact. These birds are considered an unshakeable symbol of faithfulness, loyalty and pure love. After applying such a tattoo to your body, strengthen relationships with your soulmate, protect your love from adversity.

Tattoo with a broken heart

The meaning of this tattoo can be interpreted differently, everything depends on the technique of drawing and additional inscriptions. Broken or split heart means mental distress and suffering, sadness and grief.

A tattoo is a symbol:

  • Betrayal or betrayal
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Lost Love

Tattoos are often reminiscent of a sad event that led to serious inner feelings.

Heart Tattoos: The Best Photo Examples

A simple heart may take a bit of getting used to, so the masters offer customers a whole range of sketches that look more impressive and brighter. The heart in such tattoos acts as the main attribute, the rest of the decoration only complements the meaning of the image.

Heart with wings

A symbol of readiness to overcome obstacles and adversities of love. It is a symbol of flight, of heavenly purity and innocence.

Heart with sword and arrows

The image of the heart, supplemented by arrows and sword, speaks of the courage, courage and courage of its owner , Such combinations were popular with warriors and knights of the Middle Ages, participants in godfather campaigns.

The heart full of arrows symbolizes suffering and suffering, unrequited love or betrayal.

Heart with a rose

A beautiful combination that looks good on a woman’s body. It symbolizes romantic affection, deep feelings and sincere love.

Heart with keyhole and key

This tattoo is often filled with a man and a girl, which underlines the perfect compat
ibility of the couple. Sometimes the picture means a person’s desire to find a “soulmate.”

Anatomical image of the heart

A tattoo of a heart without ornaments is very popular with cardiac patients who have undergone surgery or transplantation of this organ. This is a kind of reference for physicians, who quickly see the cause of their illness on the body.

The anatomical detail of the heart often makes it the ornament of ordinary girls who have a voluminous and colorful tattoo on their bodies [20]

As you can see, the heart has many meanings and anyone can treat the tattoo at their discretion. The meaning of the sketch is largely determined by the context and disassembly of the drawing, additional elements and inscriptions.

The heart, in whatever form it is always depicted on the body, will always be a symbol of love, tenderness and loyalty. These qualities are all inherent, regardless of gender and age. If you want to make a tattoo, but have not yet decided on the subject of the picture, then choose your little sweet heart that will emphasize the beauty of your body.