Red Wedding Dresses: 70+ Charming Styles for Weightless

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Bright, mysterious, spirited red wedding dress won the hearts of many women. Despite the fact that the classic and familiar version of the formal dress is white, red dresses are increasingly appearing among brides of all ages.

Red wedding dress – the choice of extraordinary people who are looking at the bigger picture. Today, the bride in a black, green or red dress surprised nobody. The trend towards unusual shades of wedding dresses is a kind of challenge for established canons and a desire to show themselves in all their glory.

Red Wedding Dress 2019: A Little Story

Every detail is important at a major event like a wedding. The bride at this celebration is the main character, so her attention is focused on her image. If you do not surprise anyone today with a traditional white wedding dress, red will surely grab the attention of the guests.

Esoterics and psychologists argue that every color has a specific meaning, which is especially important when celebrating the birth of a new family. Scarlet, orange, golden dresses were the classic version of wedding dresses for brides in China and India. In Europe, red or white-red dresses are a tradition for a wedding party. According to historians, the bright color of the dress drew happiness and love into the home.

Red symbolizes wealth and success in many cultures. In Russia under Catherine II red dresses were the only possible choice for a wedding dress. At that time, bright bridesmaid dresses symbolized life and protected the future family from the evil eye.

Today, red bridal gowns are more of a craze than old traditions. Brides do not want to be “another faceless” bride in a white dress that many guests at the party have repeatedly seen. A bride in a red wedding dress will not go unnoticed, and the wedding will surely be remembered for a guest.

Red Bridal Gown: Inspiring Styles for Passionate Brides

According to esoteric interpretations, the bride symbolizes “energy consumption” in a red wedding dress. Bright, saturated colors speak of vitality, the desire for good results, ambitious plans and result orientation. The owner of the red dress is a strong, firm, active girl. She can achieve anything she wants.

The red dress is a symbol of love and passion, but there is another negative interpretation of this color. Red is seen as an indicator of anger and can not only accompany passion but also quarrels in a future family. Therefore, a red outfit is often chosen for the second day of the ceremony.

Gorgeous red wedding dress with a corset

A gown with a corset and a full skirt is one Classic and a popular option for the celebration. The habitual style often consists of guipure, chiffon and lace. Such an outfit looks guaranteed elegant and solemn. This season is a popular open back, low neckline model.

Luscious wedding dresses look perfect on slim, tall girls. However, it is better to turn away from too gorgeous clothes. Such a style will “hide” the dignity of the figure, hide the waist and neat legs. Full girl gorgeous wedding dress is not recommended. This makes the figure visually lower and fuller.

Luscious wedding dresses are best chosen not in bright reds, but rather in muted, with a slight use of black and gray tones.

Red Art Short Wedding Dresses

One short bridal dress looks coquettish, elegant and playful. This style was popular in the 1950s and did not lose relevance after years. Short models look good on brides with slim legs. Especially luxurious is a short mermaid dress or a year, in which the chic satin or lace top is replaced by a fluffy chiffon skirt. This is a stunning style that highlights the benefits of the figure and emphasizes the waist. Wedding dress year will suit girls, whose height is above average.

Girls with an inverted triangle dress, it is recommended to wear scarlet dresses with an emphasis on the lower body. Models with asymmetrical skirt and sexy cuts in the neckline or at the hem are the most suitable.

A short dress needs at least a solid décor. Just make an accent – on the corset or skirt of the product, decorate it with rhinestones, embroidery and lace patterns.

Red wedding dresses for all

For Great ladies recommend stylists choosing gowns in the Greek style. They flawlessly hide extra inches on the stomach, thighs, and lift the chest out. Full shoulders and arms with Guipure wrinkles. Do not choose models in tight-fitting sleeves, they visually emphasize the completeness. Girls with neat legs should consider wedding dresses with an asymmetric, multi-layered skirt.

Wedding dress with red bow and belt

If you are not ready to appear in front of the groom and guests in a solid red dress, choose a model with a combination of bright colors and white for the celebration. The basic outfit can be made in white, and the elements of the style, such as a corset, embroidery, beads, a belt at the waist, a bow and the decor of the sleeves, are kept in a red, saturated color. The contrast of the colors becomes as clear as the unusual and very beautiful outfit.

The combination of red and white in a wedding dress is more commonly used by newlyweds. In this case, the groom’s tie should match the bride’s belt and bantu.

Brides in a Red Wedding Dress: Color Tips

Red has more than a hundred hues, so do not limit your choice to scarlet color only. We offer you some up-to-date tips on choosing a shade of red that will make you look great at a wedding party:

  • Owners of fair skin are recommended in cold reds: purple, ruby ​​red, burgundy
  • For blondes ideally red dresses with bluish tones, for example garnet

A wedding celebration is your celebration in which You can be free in the robe, in which you will feel safe and elegant. Red wedding dresses are the perfect choice for an unforgettable party.