Pink Manicure

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Delicate pink manicure – is universal. It is suitable for women of all ages and status.

Pink is diverse and has many interesting colors, from delicate chocolates to bright pink ones. This sets the hue only on the positive, romantic, passion and love. Psychologists along with stylists in practice proved that beautiful location pink manicure can lift the mood of its owner and boost their self-esteem.

Bright – pink manicure gel polish

Zur Performing manicure needs: base coat, gel nail pink color, overcoat.

Pink nails with virtually every combination of spring-summer fashion. If you add the entire design of the decorations in the form of butterflies or strekozok, you can get simple, provocative picture and a nice summer manicure. If you draw a nice ornament or pattern, then you can safely go to the party. By adding a little gloss to a paste – you get a luxury manicure that is suitable for a special occasion like prom.

Pink Manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones used in nail design, look if in any festive atmosphere. They catch the eye and give manicure a special twist. With the perfect combination of pink transparent crystals. They will look good on any length of nails. But on short nails should not be done through the data decor.

Pink nail polish with glitter

If you are tired of monotonous manicure, then you can always diversify it. with small bills suitable for daily manicure varnish. Larger decor perfect for informal surroundings and for festivities.

Sequins to be used in a French manicure. They only cover the tips of the nails. Pink base may be shiny or dull.

Manicure black and pink

Black and pink combination – is a hit this season. With contrasting colors of paint can get interesting nail design. The main thing you need to follow the proportions of the colors, otherwise instead of beautiful design, you get a lurid image, more like a coloring book of the child.

The easiest way into the performance – a leopard print. To do it, you have to buy two colors of pink nail polish, on the contrary, you should be pale and the other, saturated. To be used for the registration of “predatory” drawing in black lacquer. To draw a pattern need a special brush or regular floss. The black color can be successfully replaced by a gray shade. Gray-pink manicure will look relaxed and suitable for the work environment.

Pink manicure with white

Pink manicure, which is also in white, looks very impressive. This can be the famous moon design, classic jacket or cheeky polka dots. If you work in an office where there is a strict dress code, choose a gentle pastel color. For a party, fine saturated neon colors should be. If you’re going on a date, then try on the nails and add an interesting pattern to its decor.

Pink nail polish on Short Nails

Pink manicure looks good on nails of any length, including short ones. Thin and weak from nature changing nails visually for the better. A special type of dye fits this: beige base covered with a light pink lacquer, and the result is associated with a protective layer.

Pink Manicure Photo

Pink nail polish with the design or just a plain cover? Which one will you choose, then it’s up to you! In turn, we can provide interesting nail design ideas for casual, evening and festive ways. Look, choose and hold your nails are always in the best of order because they are the calling card of every woman.