Party de bureau: les règles pour bien choisir sa tenue

by admin

I think you already know it, but it never hurts to remember: there is A code of ethics that applies to the famous running of the office party.

No, but actually we all know a girl who dresses too sexy or who makes too much …

party -Chic

First, if it’s a chic night, it’s important to adhere to the set dress code. It’s not absolutely necessary to wear a bridal gown, but a pretty glamor gown.

It’s always fun to dress and we have little opportunity to do it!

And if you’re worried about too much, choose a small black one Dress with accessories. Bonus: You can move it often!

More casual party

If it’s more of a dance party or you’re standing for a long time, opt for more comfortable clothes.

I suggest you have casual pants, as we see a lot these days a simple and casual top.

The chic Combination is also a must, as it is an ultra-feminine version of a one-piece pajamas. No, but think about it, it’s true!

A dress, why not!

For my part, I’ll choose a coat this year. I have seen many in fashion shows and some of my favorite stars have been looking lately.

I think it’s chic and casual at the same time, not to mention that we can postpone it in everyday life!

Basically, it’s easy: you have to remember it for an office party that it is still a time of professional exchange.

This is not the time to be overkill … elegance is needed!