Pajamas or pajamas onions? 10 questions for the most experienced in the subtleties of the linen style

by admin

Pass our test and find out which of the stars with their outfits only imitates underwear and who – “how he woke up So he’s gone. “

When we look at the next parts of the paparazzi’s chronicle, we often ask ourselves: is it a pajama or a pajama dress on Gigi Hadid? Cara Delevingne only sleeps or walks in this combination? And Selena Gomez?

Understand the intricacies of linen style in clothing is not easy – combinations and pajamas now look almost identical for the street and the bedroom. It turns out that the only way to correctly guess the purpose of this or that piece of clothing is now to know only the meaning the designer has invested in his cause.

Today we suggest that you do that. Can you tell the clothes for sleep from the sumptuous evening outfit and pajamas from the pajama costume? Below are 10 questions: Scroll left to find the right answer.

Fashion, what are you doing, stop!