Models and their Tattoos

by admin

Model Business dictates its strict rules, which are able to suppress any attempt to emphasize individuality. A single kind of beauty, the same parameters and fashion trends do not leave you a chance for self-expression. Each required model is aware that their body and vneshnost- are the main sources of income. The careful and attentive attitude towards them are the high fee provided and the recognition of the profession. So obvious is the fact that tattooing takes on the status of “outside the law” in the modeling of the industry. Only the really brave beauties who have reached a certain level in the modeling career could afford to decorate their perfect body with this ink drawing. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most original tattoo model. Maybe you’ll find ideas for your own tattoos with an exclusive design, amongst others.

Isabeli Fontana


Brazilian top model that is shocking experiments with tattoo designs. His first tattoo was done on the inside of her lips in 16 years. Like most fans of this hobby, she lays down in every way the drawings that adorn her tanned body. Isabel has a tattoo on her back, which she did after her first son, Zion. Also on the wrist top model shows her zodiac sign.

Erin Wasson


American top model, which annually enter into profitable contracts with cosmetics and perfume brands. Erin about 22 tattoos all over his body. According to her every tattoo has a deep meaning and is associated with every important event in the life of a girl. Erin thinks that there is room for every drawing on the body to which the choice is very carefully approached. Unlike traditional bans on tattoos, customers are content with the way the body of the sculpture Erin Wasson looks, not just copies of their products, but also the beautiful tattoos.

Catherine McNally


Australian model and winner of numerous tattoos all over. One of her boldest tatu is an inscription on the left side. Her sense of Gothic, but the presence of his owner’s sarcasm and humor is compensated: “The day I die, will be the happiest in my life.” Another original label is applied to the right of Katherine. Its main feature is that all the characters of the white ink are made.

Cara Delevingne


The darling The classic British brand acquires new tattoos monthly. Her favorite tatuirovka-is a lion on his right index finger. The rest of the “masterpieces” Kara arranged in a chaotic way throughout the body. Surprisingly, even on foot, the girl found a place for the caption of the author. Unlike any previous tattoo lover, Cara Delevingne is not looking for a deep semantic load or in special cases to apply the new ink image to the skin. Supermodel believes tatuirovki – is an art form, they are spontaneous and defies logical explanation.