Makeup 2017 Fashion Trends

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Stylistically fashion trends in make-up 2017 promises to amaze the imagination with unusual combinations of colors and shapes. This immediacy in makeup can only be the bravest and dared to be the fair half a shoulder. Simply put, in the make-up 2017 fashion trends can be dramatic: from almost white to bright red, from the make-up style natural – expressive arrows and modified Smokey Aes.

Fashion Makeover 2017: Photos



Make -up3

Trendy shade of makeup in 2017 will be fascinating color marsala. The name of this color comes from the variety of wine, so in 2017 undoubtedly the make-up trends focus on the red, burgundy and shades of all their derivatives. Note, however, in all shades categorically excluded scarlet fever – he did in makeup in 2016, was not in vogue. Therefore favorite solve purple shades until the next season. Also popular in make-up in 2017, with a hint of burgundy combined with a dark gray (graphite) color.

So: lipstick, eye shadow, blush – all with just a charming wine shade. And most importantly, in a trendy make-up in 2016 is not recommended to use these colors with mother of pearl – only matte texture is a trend this year.

make-up a year 2017: bright blush


After a long winter, it seems, and fashion designers wanted a hot summer, they become instant reflected in the make-up of the 2017 models. A number of famous couturiers in make-up trends 2017 fashion shows have declared atypically bright red. In addition, it has applied in the cheeks, nose and forehead symmetrical parts in the area above the eyebrows to a wide range. Make-up 2017: washable tattoo

The original decision in the spring of 2016 make-up makeup artist was introduced for the first time in this fashion season to the presentation of works couturier Anthony Vaccarello , Make-up in 2016 of his models was deprived of common bright colors, usually from such events. Instead, this was offered only a small highlight, which radically changed the nature of feather makeup 2017. This uncharacteristic of the usual makeup function – a temporary tattoo in the corner of his right eye, which was present in all models. Visually, it resembles a fifth of the star with the back end of the line on the eye, which turns into an arrow. Subsequently, this trend in make-up spring 2017 has been well received by other designers and was later developed in other forms, applied in the same way. This little detail will make your bow special, fascinating and rebellious.

Make-up 2017: Decoration for the eyes


In a fashion make-up 2017 – eye decoration. The most common decoration in make-up in 2017, of course, rhinestone. Put the elegant line of small pebbles on the floor of the century, giving them a romantic evening and sparkle in the sun. Some famous designers offered an unusual decoration makeup false eyelashes in 2017, located in an unexpected place – the middle of the lower eyelid, as you can see in the photo. Original and very unusual – has the right to life.

Make-up 2017: dark lipstick


This spring 2017 is also very popular dramatic make-up on the lips. You can choose the color of dark burgundy, by the way, in a trend now, or deep purple, and maybe even a black shadow. The most important thing – to emphasize the deep picture make-up in 2017, as in the photo.

Make-up 2017: orange shadow


Tangerine, apricot and coral: – The original make-up trend spring summer 2017 will be the shade of warm, sunny colors. Applying such shadows on the basis of the need for the eyes flickers quickly in the field flickers. So in 2017 make sure you get a clear and shimmering sun in the picture.

Make-up 2017: wide eyebrows

Make-up up9

Many well-known designers in the fashion trends 2016 make-up express their strong “yes” – wide eyebrows. It has been a century of thin, slightly sublime brovok – now on trend expressive look, emphasized by dramatic eyebrows. Fashion make-up artists recommend putting on a special brush for eyebrows and wax

Make-up 2017: Graphic Makeup


It seems that in 2017 fashion makeup artists have given us in the make-up, a part of self-expression decided several years ago. Also charming tattooed patterns on the eyelids, we have described above, in a trend more bold geometric forms of their registration. We can say that it’s an arrow, but what are the broad arrows, and maybe it’s closer to tattooing. Judge – 2017 look at the photo above. The most important thing in make-up spring – summer 2017 does not necessarily stick to rigid shapes and can be used straight lines.

Make-up in 2017, new smokey aes (smoky eyes)


The make-up in 2017 will continue to focus on the eyes. Everyone has long favorite smokey Aes back in vogue in the make-up spring 2017 a slightly modified form of contours and complicates the leading makeup artists and fashion designers decided that a great way to make the look more expressive, and the image of a rigorous and to be thoughtful. At the same time, it is recommended to focus on the eyes, that is, the rest of the makeup should be natural, including the tone of the lipstick.

Make-up 2017: shine on the eyebrows, lips, eyelids


Natural shine was popular in the past fashion season spring make-up – summer but is also a trend, and in 2017. Well, for the placement of accents there are makeup artists in the eyelids. When applied to a truly shimmering shine, it can be beneficial to emphasize and emphasize individuality.

Make-up 2017: naturel


Proponents of natural make-up and natural onions continue to dictate their position in fashion. This justifies does not come from the fashion makeup with a minimal amount of cosmetics. The girls, still in fashion make-up spring 2017, so that underline the natural beauty and does not burden the bows.

2017 makeup: black eyeliner and a lining


These two essential tools have become part of the fashion eye make-up and since all are used to create a clearer look. So this spring season – summer 2016 makeup promises to be unusual grunge liner. This style is best suited for an evening, but if you use it without frills – it is very suitable for the daily boardwalk.

2017 Make-up: bright tone


Last season we wanted to get rid of the annoying glamor on the face. We have a lot of toning agent and matt powder to meet the fashion and beauty symbol. In this season of spring 2017 make-up makeup artists, we have decided to simplify the task and enter in the “glowing tone” mode. It is nothing easier than to do a natural make-up, and apply a little tone-giving shine to the skin. Today is a trend is healthy and well-groomed, moisturized, visually almost translucent skin.

Make-up in 2017: The style of the Egyptian pharaohs (photo)


For the first time in this kind of makeup was made at the show Givenchy spring 2017 Broad Arrow shadow on the upper eyelids unexpected khaki robbery gives the picture suggested by girls. In addition, the design was highlighted by the characteristic discoloration of the brow line. This type of makeup is suited to the images of gothic, a little aggressive leather clothing and style of punk.

2017 Wedding Makeup


The bridal make-up trends in 2017 also fashionable natural style with little additions creative makeup artist. It is suggested to assign discrete elements to the eyes while the lips do not make a strong accent – use a neutral tone enough. For the lovers lips still to highlight, make-up artists recommend to stick to the dull lipstick bright colors to match the picture. And that’s very important, marble-white skin is a trend in the bridal make-up in 2017.