How to steal the show in the office? Dress code – business, but not boring

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business style, as well as any uniforms or the like, intended to assist in the work, cut and customize the spray of the attention of whole constructive. On the one hand, that’s right: the fewer distractions the better and faster to argue the case. On the other hand, if the people, the monotonous mass people, here a short time and fall into despair and depression, and is extremely difficult to engage in official duties in these states.
And that is why we are a spring Office anti-beriberi to keep suggest: color the dress code with bright colors and unexpected details – strapped time came to hand sash or pick up an original handbag from “my grandmother’s trunk.”

Office style : 13 types of office cloakroom wardrobe diversify

We thought it’s nothing more boring than the standard corporate dress code. But in fact business style does not have to be boring and drab.

Inspired by the street pictures of the most famous fashion bloggers, we are looking for new ways to update your office wardrobe. Of course, ways to express their individuality in fashion bloggers much more than, for example, financial sector workers: they do not have Monday to Friday, business clothing “uniforms”. Nevertheless, we believe that their style is quite possible to lay the groundwork for interesting pictures without risking to violate the rules of traditional business ethics. In addition, if your office clear rules on dress code (neutral tones, strict style, classic accessories) are not officially prescribed, you always have the opportunity to compensate on the verge of a business format and relaxed way: the main thing to measure

Introducing 13 vivid images, we recommend that you consider yourself as a source of inspiration for your office wardrobe fall.

1. Choose the Style of the Song of Art

Office style1

White color will liven up any classic fashion: when you get tired of gray and dark tones (and in the fall we have them missing, and from the office), make a choice in favor of an elegant white suit. The secret is to combine different shades of white, as well as the blogger Amy’s Song (Song of Style). Do not forget to add some accessories or light beige skin tones.

2. Enter in the style of Haute Pursuit


style Hong Vanessa (The Haute Pursuit) embodies sophisticated Parisian chic: this low-key key, but harmonious picture shows a relaxed elegantnoct true Frenchwoman. We advise you to pay attention to the combination of rollis and flared pants in the style of the 60s: if the dress code standards in your office is not too harsh, you have the choice to stop these jeans from one dense fabric in the other Case, we recommend trousers in wool or jersey.

3. In style Shine of Three


Classic Skirt and Turtleneck Sleeveless – Knitted suit or a dress in the style of the blogger Margater Zhang ( Shine of Three) will be able to successfully diversify your daily office style. Fill this picture of Autumn Boots on the Steady Heel Classic Pumps or Stilettos.

4. In the style of The Blonde Salad


Chiara Ferrand (The Blonde Salad), of course, may be the most famous blogger in the history of Fashion industry. Looking for inspiration for creating an office suit pay attention to her image at Fashion Week in Paris: a large red sweater knit skirt in a military style boots and high heels. However, headgear, of course, will leave the office for the threshold.

5. In the style We contributed What


6. In the style of fashion guitar


We’ve already talked about what a grautfit. Blogger Charlotte Grunwald (The Fashion Guitar) draws a gray eminence of the fashion world: for its classic fashion, it combines three different shades of gray. Short skirt, strict sweater, coat and accessories black blurry – such a scenario remains in the business style.

7. In the style of Gary Pfeffer Girls


Tops is a full-fledged member of the office cabinet. We advise you to take an example with Nicole Worm (Gary Pepper Girl) who prefers deep color of raw emerald instead of brown, black and gray tones. The Waisted coat, tight trousers and classic accessories – it’s time to meet with business associates.

8. In the style of This Time Tomorrow


Tall boots and leather jacket – this is how Bic Cristal (This Time Tomorrow) is best left in the free on friday. However, nothing that prevents you from changing the jacket on a long coat and jeans on tight wool pants – make the outfit more reserved, you may also be able to make it in a business suit.

ninth In the style of Sea of ​​Shoes


If you want to experiment with the cut and instead of the strict form a choice in favor of a silhouette of flying, take the example of Jane Aldridge (Sea of ​​Shoes). Just throw in a cardigan over a plain black dress. To add the picture you will be easier accessories: our taste cut gray boots, which Jane chose.

10. The theme of the 5-inch and up


black suit does not have to be boring with something. Classic feminine style skilfully beat Sandra Hagelstam (5 inches and up): It combines simple slim black pullovers with long pants in a navy style, strict white shirt and white clutch COVERT.

11. Atlantic Pacific Style


The blogger Blair Go (Atlantic Pacific) does not forget about one of the major trends of fall-winter 2015/16 season for woolen fabrics in a cage decide. It combines feminine skirt with a large knitted sweater, plaid scarf and classic heels – if your team has a creative atmosphere, this office arch would be appreciated.

12. In the style of Camille Over The Rainbow


The dark floor, light up – is a classic combination of us in internalized in childhood. This time we propose to broaden the horizons of the modern office dress code and look at the image of Camille Charriere (Camille Over The Raindow), who picked up the gray-beige pullover cut to surround the sim
ple black skirt and in the shadow of his elegant accessories

13. In the style of La Petite Anglaise


Make a choice in favor of a short black dress simple cut, by the way, inspired Ella Ketlif (Le Petite Anglaise ) at Fashion Week in Paris. The rigor of the main elements outweigh dizzy additional details, such as golf in the style of the movie “Clueless” and almost toy bags. But better to leave until the next holiday in France.