Here are the 8 major manicure trends from 2019

by admin

With the new year coming the new beauty trends, and the nails and manicure styles will not escape!

From natural colors to vivacious or metallic shades to nail art, here are some trends from the year 2019 on the nail and manicure side that stand out.

Powder paint

Still very new is that the paint powder has not yet talked about him. Pinterest would have found an increase of + 442% for research on this topic.

This paint, applied by dipping fingers into the powder, would be less hard on the nails than the gel, lasting longer without chipping and is easier to remove. It almost seems like a miracle, right?

The living coral color

Pantone made its color in 2019, so expect the living coral (Living Coral) on our nails.

Fortunately, this color is easy to wear and emphasizes the tanned complexion!

Almond Nails

The almond-shaped nails will come back into effect in 2019.

For a chic effect, those with long nails can take on this trend, provided they have healthy nails that do not split and do not break.

Le look métallique

The metallic effect on the nails will remain very trendy this year. Apart from adding silver and gold to darker colors for more textures and depth in 2019.

Think of deep blue, purple, green, black, or even dark shades.

The colorful French manicure

The French manicure has been set aside for a while, but in an original way!

We put the classic white line for original and bright colors like red, blue, yellow or even metallic colors aside.

The Orbital Nail

With a beautiful nail shape, neat cuticle and a colored line surrounding the Nail goes, we get a trendy orbital nail!

Explosion pattern

Nail Art is not dead, far from it! In 2019, we will continue to enjoy artistic nails inspired by works of art, bright colors, leopard prints, letters or black stripes on transparent lacquer.

The nude color

In spite of all the original and colorful trends that await us in 2019, the classic, sober act remains. On the other hand, the nails are sometimes decorated with small ornaments such as letters or brilliants.