Gold Rush: Temporary Tattoos

by admin

Temporary Tattoo Tattoos – Tattoo Flash – This summer is experiencing a veritable boom. Use the last days of summer 2015 to transform the image of your wedding!

Tattoos that resemble precious jewelry – a new interpretation of body art or mehendi (drawings on the skin with henna). Popular with trend-setters star, flash tattoos look great tanned and fair skin. These stylish accessories golden, white, blue or other colors can also be found in the form of imitation already traditional patterns of skin and jewelry. Whether necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, feathers, medallions or just symbols, they are easy to put on your shoulder, back, neck, hands or face in seconds.

In Our selection of 20 Brilliant Ideas for Brides create temporary tattoo images using gold and silver, and not just there.

Be Inspired! And let your wedding be a brilliant and long lasting like gold!