Girl’s nose piercing: Types of puncture, jewelry selection, proper care

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Nose piercing in popularity can be caused by puncturing the auricle, leaving the decoration the protruding part of the face is in demand among men and women of different ages. If the ear piercing does not create strong emotions and is considered useful, then the nose piercing, especially the extravagant forms of it, which are discussed in our review, is very unusual.

Nose piercing: features and recommendations for the procedure

To decorate the nose with earrings and other metal jewelry in our country , is relatively new. The first to opt for such an experiment were young people with rebellious and free moods. Initially, a man or a girl with a pierced nose was automatically counted among the representatives of subculture and radical musical styles. If you want to look unusual and stylish today, decorate your look with an original embellishment on the nose.

There are many ways to puncture the nose: on the nose, on the septum, on the wing. They differ in appearance, location, painful sensations during the procedure, healing period. We offer to get acquainted with each of them

Nasal wing piercing

Nasal aspiration is the most common Type of piercing. He is the safest. At the same time, the piercing holder has the choice of puncturing his left, right or both nostrils simultaneously. Puncture healing on the nasal wing takes 4-6 weeks.

The location of the hole is selected individually. The most painful part of the nostril is the highest point on the side. Such a puncture looks interesting and attractive, but the puncture heals much longer and is the risk of infection if mistreated. Original earrings, studs and other accessories are used as decoration.

Septum Nose Piercing

Septum is a nasal septum piercing. The puncture is performed through the skin tissue under the cartilage or through the cartilage itself. The pain may persist for several seconds during the puncture, so painkillers should not be used on this piercing.

If used properly with antiseptics, healing will take 6-8 weeks. As decorative dumbbells, rings, half rings are used.

Nose piercing Septril

Septril – nasal puncture vertically downwards. The procedure requires a lot of Master’s experience and caution as the cartilage septum is likely to be damaged. If the cartilage is still affected, the healing process is difficult and tedious.

Septril’s nasal piercing is a pretty painful procedure. Therefore, it makes sense to use analgesics in the form of injections. A dumbbell is used as a decoration for the Septril Piercing.

Piercing the Nose Bridge

The Piercing Bridge is performed on the upper part of the Nose Bridge , The puncture is performed at eye level without touching the cartilage tissue. The bridge can be vertical or horizontal. From the jewelry to the piercing of the bridge you can use the barbell.


The gun helps to make the procedure for piercing the nose as painless as possible, and reduces the likelihood of an inflammatory process and complications. It will take a few seconds to sting with a pistol-master.

When using a pistol, you do not have to worry about contamination and dust in the wound, as their use ensures the sterility of the procedure , The gun is only used if the puncture site has a small thickness.

Nose piercing at home

Nose piercing is recommended in beauty salons or offices, where the procedure is as painless as possible and without the risk of infection. If the services of professional masters seem expensive to you and you are not afraid of infection and If you have inflammation then try dribbling it into your nose.

Follow the steps below and you can easily pierce your nose:

  • Buy a piercing in the nose first. Jewelery can be found in jewelry or souvenir shops, tattoo studios and online shops. Choose a small decoration made of stainless steel, polycarbonate and titanium.
  • There should be no acne, acne and ulcers at the site of the alleged puncture. If there is a rash in the face, postpone the procedure.
  • It is necessary to pierce the nostril with the help of a special new game, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of the decor. If the piercing needles are not available, use a suture needle, catheter, earring, and safety pin.
  • It is important to thoroughly sanitize the piercing tool with antiseptic agents such as an alcoholic solution. To do this, reduce the game and the decoration into alcohol and then cook it. Place the finished tools on a clean towel, wash your hands with soap and treat them with an alcohol swab.
  • Mark the point of the alleged puncture on the nasal wing.
  • Treat this Area with alcohol. Use a piece of ice for home anesthesia. The skin becomes less sensitive, but denser.
  • Prick the nose at the marked point with the needle perpendicular to the surface of the skin. It is important to act with a safe movement.
  • Immediately after the puncture, insert the jewel into the hole as quickly as possible until the wound tightens.

Nose piercing ready. Their further action is to wash the puncture on both sides with chlorhexidine or miramistine. For redness and inflammation use Levomekol. If the redness has not disappeared after 10 days and crusts occurred at the injection site, yellow or green leads occurred, you should remove the piercing and ask a doctor for advice.

How to choose a nose piercing

When choosing jewelery, it’s important to focus on the puncture site. If the piercing is performed high on the nostril, you should not opt ​​for a ring-shaped ornament. The best option would be a decent stallion.

To decorate the puncture in the middle of the nose, adjust the crossbar and the ring. Labrets, tunnels, nostrils are used for piercing the nostrils. For the septum, pick up bananas, rings, half-rings, latches.

In order not to ignite the puncture site, it is necessary to use only high quality jewelry. Professional masters recommend jewelry made of titanium, surgical alloy, Bioplast. When the wound has healed, change it to gold, silver, platinum or even wood ornaments.

The nose piercing looks more than original and stylish. A variety of jewelery makes this type of puncture comfortable and attractive to change the look.