Flower tattoos that resemble watercolors 9 delicious ideas

by admin

Tattoos have long won the love of people around the world, and many do not mind Decorate your body with intricate patterns. Traditionally, the tattoo is applied in black or dark blue, sometimes painting master image. But recently, there have been works that destroy all clichés about the Internet. These wonderful drawings are more like air watercolor …

floral tattoos1

floral tattoos2

floral tattoos3

Delicate floral tattoos – the fruit of the imagination of the master of Korea, who is known on the internet as tattooist_silo. First of all, these numbers are pleasing to girls because they are performed in a simple way, and emphasize femininity, tenderness and beauty. The artist’s palette is dominated by bright colors – pink, blue, orange and light green. The author believes that such numbers highlight the individuality of each client and become a true hymn of love and respect for the flora and fauna.

flower tattoos4

floral tattoos5

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