Find out what the season’s cowboys are

by admin

Two marks: they’re not skinny pants or flared trousers

2016 is progressing at an accelerated pace and if we least expect it, we will end a year. Because if there is something we all agree that time is happening at breakneck speed. In Owl we have seen many trends that will ravage this summer, but at this time of the year we can not allow this to happen enfundes in jeans of the season. So it’s also attentive, because if you did not wear this kind of pants, do not know what to expect.

We’ve seen that the skinny pants are less and less on the street style. Many say that they have died, and that have passed in history and others are still under obeyed. The only thing we can say with certainty is that already had her moment of glory and passed into the background. Otherwise, the boom Acordaros pants bell will last winter. But we do not stray from the topic …

1. Straight jeans

2. Pants with low frayed

3. Cowboys high shot

Silvia de Lady addict.

fourth Torn Jeans

Natalia de Trendy Taste.

So, if you have a wide range of skinny jeans in the last year, we invite you to take the scissors and hit them a few tijerazos knees. O frayed low pants. Keep in mind that this summer’s fashionable look will provide a good sandal ankle.

More than ever, the Texan is in fashion and is a fabric, how versatile, practical and functional for a thousand and one combination. You can wear your favorite jeans and sneakers with a good morning with a sandal. They have infinite variations!