Fashionable Winter Make-up 2019

by admin

It is necessary to follow the fashion trends not only in clothing, but also in make-up. Obsolete style always looks inappropriate, the same applies to the make-up. In 2019, some fashion trends from the past few years will continue to be popular. However, some of the nuances will surprise many girls with their uniqueness and novelty.

In this article, we show you the most fashionable make-up of the winter of 2019, which will make you look beautiful


In the trend of soft voluminous natural lips. This effect can be achieved with a soft shine. This is a great way to keep your lips fresh.

Choose peach or pink tones for a seductive look.

Pay special attention to the Texture and use a shiny finish that mimics the brilliant effect of vinyl.


This winter will be truly brilliant, with ultra-shimmering glittering Makes make-up unusual. Combine shimmering structures with bare basic tones, they look appropriate and beautiful. Do not forget the make-up base as its glitter will last longer.

Bright colors

Popular unexpected color combinations: Pink and Ultraviolet, orange and soft green. Use it to your advantage. They make the look more stylish and eye-catching.

If you think pop colors are not just for the office, think again! There are several ways to dress up in such an unusual style: double your dark liner to create a bold line. Also, use a light tint on the lips, eg. B. Fuchsia, orange red or candy pink. Choose an unusual item to keep your make-up uncluttered.

Classic make-up

This season is an absolute classic: full, bright red lips – the perfect embodiment of French elegance. Use black eyeliner, mascara and a natural clay primer. If you start to paint your lips from the middle to the corners with a brush, distribute the lipstick carefully and evenly to create beautiful and seductive lips.

Pay attention to your lips. You should scrub sensitive skin regularly. It helps perfectly to remove fine wrinkles and dead cells. Be sure to moisturize your lips with balsam after exfoliation. If you apply it directly before the lipstick, it is important to remove the excess with a dry cloth.

White Eyeliner

In the cold season, it is very important to give your eyes a calm appearance to give. All you need is a white pencil in your beautician. Apply it to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, and you will immediately see the effect. For a natural look it should be a small feather line.

Are you worried that white will highlight your bruises under your eyes or accentuate your pale complexion? To avoid this, use mascara and eye shadow.