Fashionable ladies’ cardigan AUTUMN-WINTER 2019: cozy and stylish trends of the season

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First of all, a little trip into history. The creator of the famous button-down pullover was Lord Cardigan. His real name is James Thomas Brudnell, and the name “Cardigan” appeared on the eponymous city where the creator actually lived in the 19th century.

Initially, the main purpose of the cardigan was to protect against wind and cold. In modern fashion, the cardigan plays a more important role. It should not only be warm, the cardigan should look stylish and blend in style and color with the rest of the way. That’s why today we have a wide selection of cardigan styles: short and long, voluminous and small, etc. We offer you top designs of cardigans that will not only look good in the autumn season, but also protect you from the cold.

Trendy maxi cardigans: warm and stylish fall / winter ideas for 2019

Long cardigans – a tangible trend in the fall season 2018-2019. Designers offer to create stylish, multi-layered ensembles with a maxi cardigan. Comfortable, practical and versatile cardigans are indispensable to combine harmonious everyday and business images. Choose models with small, viscous, simple, unobtrusive imprints, such as thin diagonal stripes or a gradient.

Trendy Short Cardigans: Autumn-Winter 2019

The reverse of the short cardigans is not less popular in the cold season of 2019. The length of the models is barely enough to the waist and often resembles a light bolero.

These are classic styles that we already have with many girls have seen the first cold on the skin. We offer models of stylish cardigans that have caused a furore in the fashion world and have changed the minds of girls about how a cardigan should look.

Fashionably knitted Lalo cardigans: A bright fall look 2019

The Lalo model is a loose viscose cardigan with thick knitting needles. For this purpose, a warm mohair thread is used, which is woven into rope-like patterns. The result is a cuddly and very warm Lalo cardigan, which is indispensable for youth looks and office arches.

Select models with volumetric weaving vertically , This style is more than impressive and elegant. The impression of an unusual model is enhanced by rich colors in the ombre style, the wave effect throughout the product and gentle transitions from the cold to the warm color palette. The cardigan Lalo should be voluminous, like a blanket thrown over the shoulders. Therefore, try to choose a model that is larger.

Fashionable cardigan “Asian Cone”: Fall-Winter 2019

Another “voluminous” trend of the season is the chinchilla model or the Asian spikelet. Externally, the cardigan resembles a chinchilla fur coat, hence the name. The main effect of the model is a special knitting method that only unfolds in thick mohair threads.

In color solutions, even models in shades of gray and cardigans with gradient effect are popular, which is achieved by using specially dyed yarns.

Models like these can already be found in boutiques but cardigans made to order and made to measure look particularly chic. If you’ve never taken knitting needles yourself, it’s best to trust professionals to create a cardigan. Their task is only to select a suitable shade for threads that can already be dyed so that there is a gradient in the finished model.

Trendy cardigans with pompons

Sweet pimples or pompons are the best decoration for cardigans this season. Take a look at the photo, such models will not leave anyone indifferent.

In cold weather, you can not do without a long cardigan with sleeves that hide the palm of your hand. Winter options are presented with models with small pom-poms that do not disturb the outerwear. Keep in mind that knitted pimples are a very smart item. Select maximum models or elongated models just below the hips. Only at such a length will pompons look appropriate and beautiful.

Furry Fur Pockets

Fur Pockets Cardigans are the main trend of the season, designed for comfort, simplicity and versatility. Sweatshirts with unusual pockets look unusually stylish. At the same time, the contrast of the colors and the unusual arrangement of the bags are the highlight of the picture.

Bags should be the main decoration of the cardigan, therefore, the emphasis will be on size, texture and use Made from non-standard cardigan materials.

For fall-winter season, choose models with small viscose cardigans with voluminous, wide sleeves. For color solutions, it is preferable to model in soft, bright colors in warm weather and in strong burgundy shades of blue on cloudy days.

Stylish card
igans “fluffy”: a cozy trend from Fall-Winter 2019

The novelty of the season is a cardigan with imitation of a lamella mantle. Such a cardigan is simply soaked with comfort and warmth at home. The special weaving of eyelets and curls gives the cardigan a maximum visual volume. Choose models in one color and without gradient. Products in white with voluminous bell sleeves look spectacular and wintry.

Fashionable colors and decor Cardigans Autumn-Winter 2019

At In cool weather it is especially nice to wear a bright, multicolored cardigan and protect yourself from moisture in a thick, knitted long sweater made of hundreds of threads.

Undoubtedly, the color of the cardigan depends on the image that a girl is born. Even if the most loyal office dress code shows up while working in a bright yellow cardigan with voluminous viscose, that would be ridiculous. For such cases, get a short cardigan with a small weave and a light decor.

There are no restrictions in the daily bow. Cardigans in rich colors with the so popular ombre effect, models with geometric prints that visually tighten the figure are welcome.

Special attention should be paid to the fitting of cardigans , Faux fur trim models have become the novelty of the cold seasons of 2019. Fur inserts are available in the decoration of collar and pockets. Such cardigans look incredibly comfortable and stylish. Fur decor is only welcome on long models or maxi cardigans.

When the weather is cold, you can hardly find a more comfortable and comfortable one Imagine a thing as a stylish, voluminous sweater. Designers have not paid enough attention to cardigans for a long time and this season has made a mistake. If you have a cozy, warm and comfortable cardigan in your wardrobe, you definitely will not be cold this fall and winter.