Fashionable Ideas of a Sharp Manicure: The Best New and Unique Nail Art

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When estimating the woman, the men pay more attention to the hands and more specifically to the nails. After her condition one can estimate how recklessly the girl watches her appearance. Thanks to the modern nail industry, every girl can take care of his hands without the help of a professional master. If it is not always easy to embody an unusual and original decor on your nails, each girl can make nails with a specific shape.

In the new season almond, oval and angular marigolds are equally popular. Sharp nails or the so-called “cat” manicure are especially impressive and attractive. The acute form is an unusual, creative option for self-confident girls. Sharp nails look good on most popular techniques, from the usual jacket to original patterns and full-length images.

Manicure on sharp nails : Novelties and ideas for flawless design

The main trend for sharp nails – originality and brightness. No doubt it is not worth exaggerating here, but it is also inadmissible to stay in the shade. A girl with sharp nails should shine, feel confident and gorgeous. An interesting fact – the majority of Hollywood stars prefers the sharp shape of the nails. The manicure on sharp nails completes the evening pictures perfectly. Even girls who are used to nude sounds can choose nails that are sharp.

Sharp nails always look nice and well-groomed. Gradually, the elongated, almond-shaped and sharp shape of the nails replaces the short nails, giving more possibilities for an interesting decor. Patterns on sharp nails appear more subtle and elegant.

Indisputable trends in 2018 can be considered:

  • Manicure on sharp nails in dark colors. Incredibly stylish and elegant design in monochromatic black. Manicure in dark, rich colors is the best choice for an evening look. Designs with elegant stones on black manicure, classic jacket and moon manicure with negative space are acceptable. It is hard to take a look away from such marigolds, they attract and fascinate.
  • Ombre manicure. The gradient technique popular in hair color is also reflected in the nail art. On sharp nails the soaked ombre looks bright and unusual.
  • Matt design on sharp nails. Amazingly beautiful matte designs on sharp nails are particularly impressive. Often Matt is combined with shine. This nail art deserves to appear on your nails.

Matte Manicure on Sharp Nails 2019

The Matte Manicure lets you endlessly experiment with designs and decors to create delicate subtle or, on the contrary, exquisite and vibrant nail art. Equally popular are the monochromatic matt design and the combination with gloss varnish.

Moderate mania on sharp nails requires moderation. It is not recommended to stack the design with a massive decor like big beads and Kamifubukov. If you still want to vary the design, choose the ring or middle finger with geometric patterns or a thin strip of small rhinestones.

For the color tones there are no restrictions. If you prefer quiet pastel colors, perform a matte manicure with bright pink, gray and blue. It is worth noting that the matte design in dark nuances is particularly impressive. For a stylish nail art, choose black, deep blue, burgundy and plum.

Ideas for a sharp manicure with stones and glitter

An attractive nail art is hard to imagine without a few rhinestones and sparkles that can beautify even the most succinct design. Manicure on sharp nails with glitter and stones is important not to overdo this. A variety of decorative ele
ments are very sophisticated.

Manicure with stones – the usual option for a formal, evening or wedding manicure. Therefore, it is important that you do not make a mistake and think in advance about the position of the rhinestones and their size. Make your choice with a monotonous saturated design with several stones that are harmoniously at the edge or at the nail base.

Fashionable manicure for sharp nails: designs in the style of minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that does not dominate but takes a worthy place that affects the entire design variety. If former women of fashion preferred to make their nails as bright as possible, then moderate, quiet nail art is in vogue today.

Minimalism means to cover the nails with a restrained paint color. In the minimalist manicure special attention is paid to the well-groomed appearance of the marigolds, so that the design should look gentle and feminine, you must first bring the nail plates into the appropriate shape.

The main elements of the manicure in the style of minimalism are:

  • geometric patterns
  • negative room designs
  • modest curls and stripes

Summer Manicure on Sharp Nails: Bright Ideas 2019

The first warm rays of the sun not only update our main wardrobe, but also the “decoration” of marigolds. Designs become brighter and fuller, techniques more eye-catching and challenging. In the summer of 2019, at the peak of popularity, the following colors will be displayed:

  • yellow
  • orange
  • baby green and other light colors

In the trend of the nail art with monotonous design of all nails except the nameless ones. It usually shows thematic patterns and pictures with floral motifs or fruits. In the summer manicure, all designs are acceptable, from simple colors to phrases and whole compositions.

Gradient Manicure on Sharp Nails

The large space of the sharp nail plate allows you to create an amazingly beautiful gradient that shimmers not only within a nail but also across all fingers at the same time , For summer designs 3 or more shades are used, for the everyday nail art it can be limited to 2 colors.

The Ombra manicure in black and white is particularly elegant and attractive. This noble combination is particularly impressive on sharp nails. Be sure to make a monochrome design on your nails, and you’ll probably like it.

on foot to soothe girls who are used to short nails – the trend is not open to sharp nails, almost catlike, fashionable, slightly pointed nails of medium length. This option looks stylish, elegant and attractive.