Fashionable and beautiful women’s coat

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In the new season 2016 designers have done an interesting model by choosing the most beautiful fabrics of choice, even in silhouette with predominant Women’s coat with straight silhouette and a trapeze. Collection Mylitta From 2016, the most original model chose coat, which I would even like to be called unusual.

In the spring and summer demi-season coat will not be superfluous. And it depends not only on the weather and the region you live in, but also on the choice of fabric.

In the 2016 season, the designers just made an interesting model by choosing the most beautiful fabrics of choice, although the silhouette, while remaining completely normal – dominated mainly by the mantle silhouette with straight and in the form of a trapezoid. A variant may be a coat with a belt. Some designers are coat dresses. And with expensive beautiful fabric and original decor, a coat in 2016 will decorate your image.

Dries Van Noten, Daks, Sharon Wauchob Dries Van Noten, Daks, Sharon Wauchob

In early spring, we still wear warm clothes and in summer cool days coat of lightweight fabric will be interesting addition. Lightweight coat without collar with long or short sleeves elegant look combined with a dress or a blouse, a skirt made of the same material.

Barbara Tfank Barbara Tfank Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani

What length do designers offer for women’s overcoat in 2016?

As always, try not to restrict our freedom, but to look at a variety of models Looking at the collections of 2016 Mylitta noticed that most of the designers chose the length of the knee. However, long coat in a joint unbuttoned, because it will emphasize long beautiful legs, if you wear a coat mini-dress or skirt.

Rachel Zoe, Sportmax Rachel Zoe, Sportmax Holly Fulton, Desigual Holly Fulton, Desigual

Number of pockets and buttons is unlimited. Buttons can be from one to many, and a coat – double-breasted and single-breasted. Double-breasted little option expands the figure, but at the same time emphasize combative style. If the military style, for a change, you can get a trench coat.

When choosing a layer without fasteners, it is necessary to also examine how it sits wide open on you, and how – with a belt.

Guy Laroche, Alessandra Rich Guy Laroche, Alessandra Rich Burberry Prorsum Burberry Prorsum Ermanno Scervino, Balmain Ermanno Scervino, Balmain

The spring-summer 2016 collection is as easy to coat with wide cuffs and narrow, but there are generally no cuffs.

Guy Laroche, Jeffrey Dodd Guy Laroche, Jeffrey Dodd Miu Miu, Prada Miu Miu, Prada

Very nice fabric is a modern decoration for your coat. Undoubtedly, these materials are cashmere, jacquard and even leather and suede. For sewing summer coats are used satin, brocade, lace and mesh. However, modern technology has made it possible to create a synthetic and artificial fabrics, characteristics and beauty, sometimes surpassing and natural.

For example, the atlas, which can both be artificial and natural silk fabric – fabric is very suitable for summer coat. Its smooth shiny surface always looks elegant and festive. Mesh fabric is very popular in the 2016 season, so it is not surprising that in this fabric designer Jeffrey Dodd created a splendid summer coat.

Guipure – a kind of lace. His beautiful pattern will surely decorate your picture, even if the fabric they are just just imitation.

Altuzarra, Bally Altuzarra, Bally Fendi, Sharon Wauchob Fendi, Sharon Wauchob Rochas, Dennis Basso Rochas, Dennis Basso Fausto Puglisi, Jeffrey Dodd Fausto Puglisi, Jeffrey Dodd Creatures of the Wind Creatures of the Wind

In addition to expensive fabric, decor coat spring and summer is particularly relevant. At this time, when the bright colors of nature and waving call, I want to see myself, and the bright and elegant, the magical world particles feel spring. Really are elegant coat with embroidery or with voluminous flowers. Bands that were the height of fashion in the 2016 season help create a modern image for a coat.

Dennis Basso, Dries Van Noten Dennis Basso, Dries Van Noten Fay, Ellery Fay, Ellery

Wear a strict and everyday coat – it should not be boring. Look at the pattern coat of Burberry Prorsum Les Copains Martin Grant, they can not be called boring

Burberry Prorsum, Martin Grant Burberry Prorsum, Martin Grant

The white coat is not practical but elegant.

Calvin Klein Collection, Hermes Calvin Klein Collection, Hermes

The selection is huge. By purchasing at least one and preferably two layers, you can use every day accessories to change their image. Rochas, Ermanno Scervino Rochas, Ermanno Scervino Jason Wu, Burberry Prorsum Jason Wu, Burberry Prorsum