Fashion Swimwear 2019

by admin

Following the shows of cruise collections, menswear and a parade of haute couture models, the designers decided to showcase fashionable swimwear in 2019. Traditionally, Beach Fashion Week took place in Miami. Which swimwear will be in fashion next season?

Brands Swimwear 2019 Gigi C Fashion Swimwear 2019 Photos

Overlapped top

Next summer thin straps will be worn by “Top” be much longer, so that they can not only be tied to the back, but also crossed the front. What are these fashionable swimsuits? Take a look at the photo collections Just Bones Boardwear, Gigi C and Willfredo Gerardo.


Open the Hip completely proposed brands Sports Illustrated, Cirone Swim and Tammy Rivera. Skinny bikini jumpers in separate models jumped to the waist, and elegant swimsuits got very high cutouts on the hips. In such a bathing suit, the legs appear longer and the waist appears more expressive.

Swimsuit plus belt

The belt is the most popular style to wear on the waist to concentrate. As it turns out, you can not only wear this accessory with clothes, but also with a bathing suit. And with both the joint and the separate. For example, the brands VICHI Swim, Gigi C and Monday Swimwear offer.

Swimwear with cut-outs

More precisely: cut-outs connected by pieces of cloth. From a one-piece swimsuit were on these models only stripes and items. The main part consists of all kinds of cuts and cuts – all without exception completely open. Similar models for the most daring and extravagant fashionistas were offered by OMG Miami Swimwear, Sinesia Karol and Monica Hansen.