fashion skirts in 2019: trends and fashion models

by admin

Fashion never stops. Things in our cabinets often change because every year new trends emerge and old ones fall into oblivion. The fashion for skirts changes very often because changing their design is much easier due to the many possible variations.

With the same jeans, everything is not so interesting: narrow, wide, with holes, high or low. Here you may see all the major trends in the world of trousers and pants in recent years. Skirts, on the other hand, have a much wider range. To keep up with the ever-changing trends in this feminine garment, you need to find out what the fashionable skirts of 2019 will be.

First I want to highlight the romantic style. Flounces, long ruffles and flared cut – we will wear this in the spring of the 19th century. Mini – neat skirts that demonstrate the beauty of the legs in every season return to female fashion.

It’s worth stocking up with mini denim, leather or faux leather, corduroy, costume fabrics and wool. They return to the wardrobes of fashionistas and skirts – elegant, flared or pleated models that can be worn in the office to study and even arrange a first appointment to charm your companion. Read in our Trendliner about this and other current skirts of the year.

Romance in the air

The warm season of 2019 will be open air and light skirts with ruffles and steps. Light chiffon and other translucent fabrics will be our faithful companions in building up a current and feminine appearance.

You can combine the romantic “bottom” with a turtleneck sweater and relatively short sweatshirts and put on a warm jacket or an artificial teddy jacket. This combination is perfect for a mid-length skirt with asymmetric hem.

If you select the “underside” of the maximum length of the slightly flared cut, combine it with a soft and comfortable knit sweater at the top of the thigh. This image is good in dark colors, but not in black.

Dark blue and gray, brown and olive, gray and dark red will look perfect together. A pleated skirt on the floor is best combined with a long cotton shirt. The set will be simple in the style of minimalism – we strive for it.

Minimal Mini

However, nobody talks about extremely short ones Skirts, everything is in the frame of propriety and so much that it is possible to wear trend skirts to a very respected age. The main materials for the Mini are leather and imitation leather as well as suede and fabrics with a similar surface. The cut of the skirts is simple – straight or slightly trapezoidal.

From the decor just imitation of the belt as well as little ruffles along the hem edge or at the seams. High-cut skirts should be worn in thick blouses of matching cloth or leather, which will put the blouse in a skirt. When the skirt is on the hips, combine it with the “top” in oversized style.

This may be a baggy pullover or a large men’s jacket with massive shoulders. In spring and autumn you also complete the picture with extravagant tights. Pick up stockings in light colors or with color drawings. This detail will look particularly interesting with a tandem with a skirt suit made of colorful fabric with a small pattern.

Include the scent

subspecies of miniskirts that come with a regular wrap Miniskirt compete. The principle is the same: straight or slightly flared cut, but at the same time with a concise and elegant detail. The scent line can be decorated – with ruffles, longer flounces, decorative laces.

And maybe “natural”, with no design details. In general, the skirt itself has an interesting touch: a pattern, a hem edge or a decorative belt. Stylists recommend wearing a wrapped mini with oversized leather jackets and long pullovers made of heavy, dense materials.

Refined Sun

Comfortable, simple, perfectly beautiful – the skirts are like the embodiment of femininity in the fabric. Playful wrinkles and a cut that does not hinder movement – that’s the success of this model. In the 19th year the “suns” will get a sporty style as they will be in fashion with wide wool sweaters and short bombers.

In the cold season – with sheepskin coats and short jeans. You can use a Track usually that helps you pick the right skirt under the “top”. For classic clothes, wear a sun skirt with a few pleats just below the knee.

Wear a sport pullover or an informal sweater or jacket to cover the sun with wide pleats of thick fabric (maybe even a two-ply fabric). In this example, the skirt should be “agile” and playfully and vividly fit into the active image.

Originality is above all

Whatever the trends from 2019 may be, the fashion welcomes above all originality and individuality. Roughly speaking, your skirt should tell everything about your style and preferences, your character and mood today.

Try to draw a parallel between the decor and your emotions. Maybe you feel so fit today to wear a trapeze skirt decorated with sewn leather plates. Or does your state express a skirt with many asymmetrical ruffles and a colorful print?

Do not deny yourself and wear a skirt with asymmetrical steps, which is set with a long fringe. In short, the trend is an individual, unique style, based on unusual shapes and cuts and extravagant décor: from large patch pockets to crazy “curly” ruffles and cuts.