Fashion Manicure Gel Lacquer: Ideas of Spring 2018

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Beautiful, well-groomed hands are the calling card of every woman. With all the variety of modern paints and other decorating agents, it is simply indecent not to care about your own hands.

One such achievement of the beauty industry is gel varnish , This innovative coating fits perfectly on the nails and allows you to create complex designs that will delight you for up to 30 days. An extensive range of colors and a variety of manicure techniques minimizes nail care, covered with gel varnish.

Nail art design with gel Varnish: Current Spring Colors 2018

With the first rays of the sun, the diapers of women’s fashion are changing and replacing understated designs and minimal decor for bright, saturated hues. In the spring of 2018, such colors as gelatin, raspberry, emerald, cranberry, fuchsia, marsala are particularly relevant. Such shades meet the tastes of self-confident fashion ladies who are accustomed to setting the tone and attracting the attention of others.

For the low-key and refined natures who are accustomed to look feminine and elegant will match pale pinks, hazel and azure shades. Do not lose their relevance to classic paint colors – black, blue, red.

For a truly stylish and stylish design, professionals are recommended Stamp, multi-colored pigments and paints to use. To make the pattern look even and good, use water-based gel lacquers. This ensures proper use and the creation of elegant and weightless patterns.

The favorites for the coming season are geometric motifs, monochrome designs, lunar and French manicures and undoubtedly floral prints, without which there is not a single spring manicure. In the trend of 2018, gentle watercolor drawings by hand, voluminous prints and clear ornaments. The “broken glass” technique is gaining in popularity and making it possible to create unique designs using slides.

An example of femininity, Elegance and natural beauty is the French manicure. In addition to the classic design, which is dominated by natural shades and a white line of “Smile”, contrasting nail art will be relevant in spring 2018.

Choose to accent the edges of the dark shades of the nail (brown, dark blue, black) and create a “frame” around the design. “Play with the shape of a smile.” Today’s trend is a mixed, beveled edge of the nail. For the Spring Manicure 2018 you prefer warm colors – melted milk, cocoa, ivory, pale quartz.

Particularly spectacular color gradient manicure works with gel lacquer. The structure of the coating is designed so that it can be easily mixed and creates a smooth transition at several colors at once. For spring design, bright saturated colors, a combination of several similar colors in a design are popular. For the reserved manicure, use dark colors – smoky, saturated gray, sulfuric acid, blues that look original in the ombre technique.

Trend 2018 – Combining gradient manicures with other techniques. For example, a monochrome design is supplemented by triangles or other patterns filled with a gradient-effect gel varnish. Look at the photo and you’ll understand what’s at stake.

Stylish Gel varnish Manicure: colorful designs of Spring 2018

For several seasons, the girls generally accentuated only one unnamed finger, painted it in a different color, or complemented the drawings. In the spring of 2018 you can paint each nail in different colors safely. The same rule applies to decor. In a design, acrylic sand, rhinestones or geometric patterns may be present. Do not overdo it, try to create a harmonious, balanced design that does not look fanciful and stylish in the end.

The rough, velvety surface The nails are becoming increasingly popular. Designs Gel lacquer with the effect of “caviar”, “wet sand”, “velvet” is an excellent solution for spring pictures. This nail art is suitable for any length of nail, lasts long and looks great.

Such a decor It will not be difficult to do so, even at home. It is enough to buy acrylic sand, special velvet villas or “eggs” in a manicure store. “Knitted”, “velvet”, “plush” effect – a novelty of the last seasons that looks fresh and undeserved.

Since its creation The Kamifubuki have conquered the hearts of many women. These original shiny confetti or sequins will turn into a simple design into a stunning complex nail art in a matter of minutes.

Design with Kamifubukami depending on the root note Lack is suitable for hiking with friends and for a gala evening. Elegant overflows of metal plates combine with the light of the underside and the lights of the night city.