Fashion Makeup 2019: Top 10 Stylish Ideas for Spring Makeup

by admin

Fashion trends in makeup are often so presumptuous and extravagant that they can not be used in daily make-up. Looking at the models, it seems that fashion designers have completely forgotten simple fashionistas that look ridiculous with such make-up.

Trying make-up girls on the catwalk, however, is not that difficult as it may seem at first glance. Just adapt makeup from leading makeup artists to your look and color. In our review, we have collected the top 10 most recent trends in the make-up world in the spring of 2019, which not only makes you look attractive, but also establishes itself as a true fashion diva that can try on all the achievements of modern designers.

1. Makeup for Spring 2019: Bright Lips

Despite the popularity of nude make-up, juicy lips in 2019 are considered one of the most important trends. To focus on the women’s lips, the stylists used almost the entire palette of vivid colors. In the trend of wine, red, cherry, berry, scarlet, burgundy make-up. Here it is important to follow the classic rule: if the lips are painted with bright colors, the eyes should be slightly accented with pastel shades and not more.

Stylists warn that the emphasis on the lips is perfectly smooth Skin on the chin requires. Therefore, make sure to peel and soften the lips with a nourishing cream.

2. Makeup Trends Spring 2019: Natural Shine

If scarlet lips are not your choice, look for a transparent or slightly rosy lip gloss. Such a make-up can be called a win-win in any image, as you can use the hue to create different types of makeup that do not conflict with shadow variations and the shape of arrows.

Wet shiny lips even connect with the eyes of the Smoky Eyes, which are also in vogue in the spring of 2019 and which we will discuss below.

3. The classic combination of 2019: Nude make-up for all

In the spring of 2019, the trend towards a total nude look is not exhausted. To create a soft and soft make-up, you need a minimum of tools: light, cream-colored lipstick, light pastel colors and lightly painted eyelashes. However, the key to perfect make-up is still the perfect face tone. Store in your cosmetic bag a primer that eliminates skin imperfections, moisturizing concealers, light texture, and no skin overload. Matte textures are no longer in the trend, so choose a medium with a glossy texture.

4. Lip Gradient

In the 2018-2019 winter season, when makeup artists suggested that fashionistas use velvety lipsticks that lay a thick layer on well defined lips, in the spring of 2019, light, sloppy lipstick movements and gradient modulations are the most popular , All of this creates a make-up feeling that is easily spoiled by passionate kisses.

5. Rosy Spring Baking

Blush can refresh any image and save the girls from the effects of lack of sleep, fatigue and long office work. Undoubtedly, Rouge can hardly be called a novelty in make-up. For several decades, fashionistas have been emphasizing this tool to highlight the cheekbones and add brightness and freshness to the image.

In the spring of 2019, the technique of blushing changed somewhat. Instead of the matte texture was a creamy rouge with a slight shine. In the trend saturated apricots, peach tones, rose the color of the tea. Blush should be applied to cover the cheeks as much as possible.

6. Stylish Eye Makeup Spring 2019: catchy face art

Nude make-up is undoubtedly appreciated by many fashionistas, but there are girls and those who love them Consider shades as fresh and boring. For such extravagant nature, make-up artists are ready to offer a boring and outrageous trend that involves the use of patterns on the face in make-up.

If you do not think of yourself without experimentation and like to take the enthusiastic views of others, you master the technique of drawing on watercolor patterns.

7. Smoky Eyes 2019: a permanent classic in the new version

Make-up artists and simple women of fashion liked the spectacular make-up of Smoky-Ays so much that they breathed new life into what made them one irreplaceable option for everyday bows makes. When we talk about the color palette of these smoky eyes, this is the greatest variety of hues: smoke, graphite, carbon black, brown, green, blue, and purple.

The main feature of the smoky eyes of Spring 2019 is light negligence, without the traditional underlined lines and transitions. The make-up can be done not only with brushes but also with the fingertips.

8. Fashionable Spring Arrows 2019

The novelty of spring 2019 – the arrows that differ in their performance in an unprecedented variety. Here you can fantasize and create an incredibly attractive and catchy make-up. Wide, blurry hands in the spring of 2019, fine, carefully matched lines, careless strokes with sharp and rounded tips, double arrows and complex color combinations.

This make-up adds aggressiveness to the image, so do not thin it with dark lipstick, light shadows and a sharp line of cheekbones. The only exceptions are red, almost scarlet lips and blue shadows.

9. Make-up trends in Spring 2019: light shadows

The shadows of Spring 2019’s shadows are fully in line with the disco style that has returned to the podium. Undoubtedly, using such a make-up in everyday pictures is risky, but it will definitely set you apart from the crowd.

The use of turquoise and green shadows gives the picture provocation and originality. Makeup artists recommend combining light shades with lipstick caramel or juicy berry. One disadvantage: No halftones in green shadows, only a pure pigment with broad and dense lines.

10. Porcelain make-up for girls with color summer and spring

Delicate porcelain tones were incorporated into the make-up of our fashionistas, who took the example of Korean girls obsessed with pale and lifeless images. Stylists recommend removing all types of tanners and bronzes and replenishing tools with a bleach effect.

Porcelain make-up requires a perfectly even tone of the face, diluted with wet shine, nude tones and black arrows.

Spring 2019 brought many fashionable new products in the make-up segment with him. This is a face art, the original shape of the arrows and their colors, porcelain colors. Try the latest innovations in the make-up world and create your own, unique and unique image.