Fashion MAKE-UP Spring Summer 2019

by admin

Ladies who care about style are following the latest trends and trying to reproduce them. Professionals will easily pick the best fashionable make-up for the spring summer season of 2019, which will make it look as bright and unusual as possible.

Fashionable make-up Spring-Summer 2019 can hardly be described as boring. Of course, the question arises as to how the bright make-up should be illuminated to make it suitable for everyday use. Fortunately, stylists have several options for those who want to create a make-up, but do not look fancy. To assist in the creation of the image, photos of the stars are shown, who have succeeded in implementing the latest innovations and transforming them, adapting to their own style.


If you turn to the makeup specialists in Voronezh, you should not be surprised to hear the advice of giving preference to the shooter. This arc is most relevant because the trend has been determined by fashion giants like Chanel.

The arrows in 2019 can vary from spectacular greasing that creates the effect of a striking cat’s eye make-up to thin thin arrows that can set accents without looking too bright. The arrows make the best bow for a party, especially if you use berry tones “in set” for the lips. Arrows are a great option for the work, if you dwell on thin, slightly underlined eye lines. They are a true lifesaver for everyone, from courageous experimenters to fans of classics and restraint.


The trend is presented by PrabalGurung and MaryKatrantzou. He was warmly received by critics and audiences and quickly became a hit with the ladies following the novelties of the world of style and chic. This make-up trend of the spring / summer season 2019 is characterized by all fashion trends, which can be seen in the photos of the fashion shows.

Stylists decided not only in the 90s, but also in the 70s for the best graphic trends. Make-up itself is not easy. Fortunately, the costs are acceptable in the beauty salon PEONY. Therefore, you can certainly go to the experts who are prepared to create a graphic make-up with the eyes in mind with the help of a monochrome, unusual metallic monitor.

A perfect complement to the chosen style becomes the natural one Be tint of lipstick and cheekbones underlined with concealer. Stylish Spring / Summer 2019 makeup in this style is more suitable for those who want to attend an informal event or party that will make you look bright and unusual. The main benefit of make-up is the choice of the ideal option for blue and brown, gray and green eyes.


The trend was designed by designers such as NinaRicci, StellaJean and ChristianDior. The highlight of the trend – an option for girls of all ages, lovers of unusual styles. The only “but” – to create such a make-up, you have to work on the improvement of the skin, so that the “base” is as pleasant as possible to use natural shades of decorative cosmetics (this is in the minimum amount desirable).

The focus of make-up – natural beauty. The main task is to hide stains and imperfections, to mask circles, to highlight eyebrows and cheekbones. It is beneficial to demonstrate the best facial features.

This trend can benefit girls who are not used to looking simple. You can play with shadows and use chocolate colors for green eyes. And for brown eyes prefer gold. Gray and blue eyes can be accentuated by different caramel colors. The main thing is not to concentrate on the contrast, in general the picture should look natural and simple.


Thanks for VersusVersace and Cividini for the bold trend. EmilioPucci make-up artists worked in this style. The basis of make-up in grunge style adopted the famous technique “smoke eyes”. The rules are the same – no clear boundaries between the colors used. You need to shade carefully so that the transition between the shadows is smooth. The specialists succeeded in adapting this style at the expense of graphite tones and black eyeliner as well as strong pink, purple and blue tones. During the day Make-up looks strange and inappropriate, but in the evening you can achieve the desired effect, which makes you have to admire the originality of the fashionable style.

The spring / summer 2019 fashion makeup will not disappoint beauty looking for new ways to express individuality to underline the highlights of a unique image. Presented in the new trend season, new items will delight those who prefer a minimum of make-up and can present themselves profitably.