Does it hurt to do a tattoo for the first time and how to relieve pain?

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The question of whether tattooing is painful is not only tormenting those who intend to adorn themselves with a tattoo, but also those who have already gone through this process, but want to repeat it by achieving another part of their body. In general, the answer is pretty simple – yes, but every pain threshold is different, apart from that, there are less painful areas of the body and methods of pain relief. Talk about it and in this article.

Why a tattoo hurt?

Very often, a person is exposed to various types of physical ailments, such as scratching or cutting off a finger. We do not always notice it because there is no pain, but tattoos do not work, why? In the case of a tattoo, everything depends on the type of pigment and how it gets under the skin. In general, human skin includes two layers:

  • The epidermis is the outer layer, which is regularly updated and is mildly sensitive to pain.
  • The dermis is the innermost layer of the skin that spreads can not visibly regenerate. The dermis consists of glands, blood vessels and hair follicles, receptors and sensory cells – they cause pain in a person.

The color in the form of molecules penetrates the inner layer of the skin. At this point, the receptor cells analyze the process and send a pain signal to the brain, as the integrity of the cells is destroyed. In general, this process is vital and necessary. With tattoos, however, it causes many problems because the number of signals reaches 150 pulses per second. The brain perceives the situation as a signal of increased danger, so the tattoo process for the body can not be painless. At the same time, experts assure that it is not as painful as it seems to many and equates to a little abrasion. For example, girls consider this process quite tolerable by comparing it to epilation.

It hurts to make a tattoo on the arm, neck and other parts of the body

In general, the tattoo can be applied to almost any part of the body. Often, however, tattoos can be found in the following locations:

  • The collarbone – in this version, the fairer sex often ceases to use pictures of birds, symbols or names, flowers, and other small tattoo drawings. In general, the tattoo will look very attractive, adorn the female body and be especially visible to others in the summer. In terms of pain, they are quite strong in this area, but they do not bother the fragile and vulnerable girls.
  • The wrist is the most popular part of the body for tattoos, both for girls and for men. It is also common to place small images here, such as inscriptions, dates, symbols or other pretty things. The most famous sketch is the sign of infinity or the name of a loved one, written in the most beautiful script. As for the pain, they are individual, but it is not very painful to have a tattoo on the whole wrist. If you believe the statistics, the girls tolerate that tattooing on the wrist is much easier than in men.

  • Biceps – great for those who Afraid to make a mistake. Often a male tattoo is placed here because the sketch can be large. Pain is minimal because the skin is rough and the bone is wide enough.
  • Hip – another popular option for girls. Women often present the most beautiful and original sketches, such as representatives of the animal world or variations on botanical themes (roses, tulips and other flowers). The thigh is characterized by its low practicality and its great pain, especially in the inner area. Low practicability due to the fact that in the case of weight gain the shape of the thigh is lost first, during the reverse process (weight loss) the formation of stretch marks is possible, which also affect the image.

  • Calf legs – the best option for tattoos that allows you to use large sketches. Men like to use 3D-drawings or tattoos in the style of biomechanics, girls also use bright flowers or animals. The calf of the legs is a practical and almost painless place for tattoos on the body, while the image is visible to others in the summer time, which undoubtedly attracting the attention of tattoo owners.
  • A paddle is the best option for large paintings or paired tattoos. B. angel wings. The benefits are a large, flat surface and mild pain, with almost no nerve endings.
  • The loin is an excellent choice for girls with a good waist, but tattooing is a painful process because of the many nerve endings
  • The forearm – perceptible by everyone and always a tattoo on the forearm – will attract the attention of others. The pain level is relative, but generally not strong.
  • Anklets – beautiful but very painful.
  • Neck – a popular option for girls and men. Pain – minimal.
  • The back side is in demand for men as it is possible to create a large tattoo to create a complete picture. The pain level – the average, but it will withstand.

Does it hurt to do a tattoo for the first time and how to relieve pain?

Fabric tattoos are generally a painful process and there is absolutely no difference if this procedure is done for the first time or not. To make a tattoo session more pleasurable or less painful, be sure to follow these tips:

  • You must eat one hour before the session.
  • You must drink water before and during the procedure.
  • It is necessary to choose comfortable clothing.
  • Before you go to Master, you need to sleep well.
  • You can take the ointment or painkiller.
  • It’s best to take sweets or headphones with you to avoid tattooing.
  • Shower, but do not use perfume.
  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol the day before Master’s visit
  • You can not make a tattoo while you are ill.
  • For women – it is not recommended to use the procedure during menstruation.
  • Discard the tattoo. if the devices are dirty or not sterile. Trust only experienced craftsmen.
  • Do not be afraid of pain and distract yourself with the help of friends (no more than one or two) who can take you. If the pain was unbearable, it is better to stop the procedure and continue it later or the next day.