Do not be cold with an XXL cup!

by admin

Warm and ultra-light, feel good and protect against colds Autumn

But you want to spend cool this fall … Grab your scarf in size XXL! The extra large and extremely warm garment is an ideal complement to being wrapped up in the coming months and protecting us from colds happily. The “scarf blanket” enormous, which became fashionable and Lenny Kravitz last year, remains the favorite piece of fashion fans and girls. Warm, light (weighs nothing) and very comfortable, this scarf XXL continues to reign this season.

XXL scarf at large gateways.

They are perfect to give a perfect touch to any daytime look and help you withstand very cold days coming to stay and also … feel great. The combination of an oversized shell with a leather motorcycle jacket is totally. Accompany your favorite jeans and sneakers or boots for the day for a tenfold look.

An ideal way to bring these huge garments is to drop them on your outfit so it will be natural and Prominence to the cup (the ideal solution for those days when “you do not know what to wear”) will give. And if not, see celebrities roll up this maxi kilometric scarf. Every other precaution is little or no constiparse!

How careful not to walk my soil …

Another option is to put on a belt. It is a classic but super practical option as you do not have to run the risk of displacement and also you can move without having to be quitándotela. Prefers for them girls are pictures, ethnic prints in colors like garnet or burgundy and smooth dark colors (gray or black).

With the hoop, you’re not going to fall …

You still have your maxi scarf yet? Now you take, if you are to be protected from the cold and the last.