Cross Tattoos: Sketches and Importance of Tattoos, Photo Ideas

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It seems that a geometrically simple figure made up of crossed lines exists in many cultures and cultures Religions of unbelievable importance and sacred significance. The cross is considered an attribute of many irreconcilable religious and spiritual practices throughout the world.

The meaning of the cross depends on the culture of the peoples. Some of them represent the cosmic unity of opposites and point to the four cardinal points, the symbol of four elements and four seasons. According to legend, the intersection is the birthplace of all living things in the Universe.

Cross Tattoos: The History of the Symbol

In many ancient cultures, the cross was a symbol of male and female beginnings. The Celts revered him as a sign of faith and the infinity of faith. In Eastern mythology, the cross symbolized the four cardinal directions and was an attribute of the god Ra.

Among Christians, the cross has a special inviolable meaning. It carries a profound religious meaning, reminds people of God and His actions for humanity. The tattoo also has the meaning of the cross that carries a person through life.

In today’s world, it is not necessary to be deeply religious Being a person to give the body a tattoo in the form of a cross. It is a multi-valued symbol that can have completely different meanings depending on the country, belief, and even age of the person.

The cross in many sketches is the main element. Anyone can supplement it with extra details – flowers, inscriptions, thorns, etc. that make the tattoo less religious and more secular.

Tattoo with a cross: variety of a symbol

There are several cross types, each of which has a special meaning:

  • Ankh is a cross that came to us from the culture of ancient Egypt, where it symbolized the “key of life”. The true meaning of this symbol remains completely unexplored. According to archaeological finds Ankh was considered a symbol of eternal life, wisdom and rebirth.

  • Swastika – a symbol that is now prohibited was considered a charm to the ancient Slavs. They put on clothes, weapons, walls of temples and dwellings and believed that he would give them protection, happiness and creativity, vitality and joy.
  • The hands of God are a symbol derived from the Pshevorskoy culture of the 4th century came to us. Today it is used by some neo-pagan associations, but in the art of tattooing is an exclusively aesthetic value. The spectacular cross will fit perfectly with the themes of mythical battles, Celtic mythology and ancient cultures.
  • The Catholic Cross – better known as Latin – consists of two vertical lines. This symbol denotes the staff of the god Apollo.

  • Orthodox – the form of the cross is associated with the executions of Jesus Christ.

  • Celtic – Cross inscribed in a circle with the rays that emerge from it is considered a symbol of Celtic Christianity.

Girl Tattoo Cross: popular sketches and tips to choose from

There is an opinion that the tattoo in the form of a cross made by very religious and godly girls. Partly it is truthful, this symbol serves as additional protection for them. More often, the cross symbolizes the Christian foundations on which the woman clings, and the chaste cleanliness of the girl.

Tattoo Cross for Men: Sketches and their Meaning

There are so many different crosses that one can not say clearly what this or that image means, especially when it comes to men. The symbol can mean both firm Christian beliefs and the attribution to the manor.

Many men who make tattoos with a cross are in general Atheists and have nothing to do with Christianity. Depending on the nature of the cross, a tattoo can be the fate and “cross” that a person carries through life, suffering, honor and nobility, strength, union with God, spiritual development, immortality and eternity.

Tattoo Cross: Place on the body

The cross is a versatile pattern that looks good on every part of the body. The location of the tattoo can give an additional indication of the meaning of the image and tell about the hidden intentions of the person.

The cross on the hand is a symbol of strength and patience. For such a person, honor is above all, so if you see a person with a cross on his wrists, shoulders, or forearms, you know that he is sensitive to his own person and does not let anyone deny his dignity.

The cross on the back is a symbol of the “cross” that a human has to carry on his shoulders. Such a person does not want to follow other people’s stereotypes and expectations. He prefers to choose his own destiny and is responsible for his decisions.

The cross on the neck is a symbol of obedience to fate.

Cross on the finger – symbolizes remembrance and sadness for the deceased close person.

The cross on the chest is the choice of people for whom this symbol is considered crucial in life. This is a sign of a deeply religious person who finds it hard to get out of the way.

Cross on the leg – it does not matter to you in this part. This is an exclusively decorative tattoo that may be reminiscent of an important event or date.

Cross Tattoos: Prison Significance

When sketching with a cross, one should be careful because this symbol is often used by prisoners. Cross for her is considered a symbol of a believer, but it is often he who indicates the number of “wanderers.”

A tattoo with a cross on his back in prison takes on a very different meaning and symbolizes “negativity “, So a negative attitude towards the regime. It is believed that such a Zek has courage, disobedience, and strong will.

Cross tattoos and religion

The history of the cross as a symbol has many millennia, so do not just look at it as a religious sign. Since antiquity, the cross has been considered a symbol of positive energy. In many cultures he was considered the protector of misfortune and evil forces.

Modern tattoos need not have a hidden meaning. Sketches richly decorated with branches, inscriptions and ribbons are already an interesting story for a tattoo. You can use the place to make the tattoo special.

In other words, having a tattoo a cross will have the meaning that you put in yourself. But in any case, such an image on the body will be an additional amulet for you, which will always be with you.