Christmas Manicure: Trends and Ideas

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New Year’s Manicure – an important part of a holiday picture, because everything should be perfect! Beautiful hands have always been the trademark of every woman. Therefore, for anyone is a secret that should prepare for New Year’s Eve in advance, and these will help to strengthen all types of baths and specialty oils. Let’s see how the same should be the New Year’s Manicure 2016. All fashion trends in a single article with photos.

Christmas Manicure – Classic Version

When you “soft” Choose a picture: in the style of make-up Nude makeup and romantic dress, the best solution is – a classic jacket with the addition of sequins or openwork patterns. This new year manicure looks very elegant and stylish. This option is easy to implement, especially gel lacquer. And if you have a certain ability, you can fulfill your very own powers.


Unusual Christmas manicure in the style of Feng Shui

Christmas French manicure can be performed with the use of light or dark shades. Of particular importance in this season decorate two finger – ring and in the middle of his right hand. All other fingers are set up in the classic version. New Year’s manicure gel polish in this technique looks very beautiful and unusual, and the middle and ring fingers in addition to highlighting, the visitors aware of it only positive emotions, joy and unbridled joy.


Merry Christmas and a fun manicure with snowflakes, paintings and drawings

Choosing a bright make-up and no less exquisite, must have the trendy manicure of the New Year to alarm. 2016 – Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Therefore, in the manicure of the new year, it is quite appropriate to use bright colors and even acidity. It will be the clear favorite gold and orange. Astrologers also recommend diluting the color of darker hues: purple, green, blue and black. To create the picture, you can select a mischievous Christmas manicure ideas photos that can be viewed on the internet. It can be a variety of theme images. For example: it is always a popular New Year’s manicure with snowflakes (see photo below), are also relevant Christmas trees, calves, snowmen, Christmas hats, sweets and of course, even a symbol of the year – funny and amusing monkeys.

Red New Year’s Manicure

Red Color – a symbol of passion, luxury and glamor. Beat the shadows can be different types. This season does not lose its relevance moon nail art. Types of this type are enormous. The color of the fountain can be absolutely anything, but the most successful colors: pink, white, light beige, gold, silver and black. The choice of moon nail art, you must carefully choose the nail shape. Bright smile looks harmonious on the nails of medium length. To make a festive New Year’s manicure style, you can use additional decorations: rhinestones, sequins, theme stickers, colored sand, shells for design, mica. The classic combination of Christmas – red in silver or pink gold. In this case, the manicure of the New Year must be in 2016, but how Christmas Manicure 2017 can be a monochrome or patterned jacket. It looks very elegant finger ring exactly adorned by cuticles of bright rhinestones. If you do not like rhinestones, you can perfectly replace them with pearl varnishes or sequins.


New chalet style manicure

If you love to celebrate this wonderful holiday in the country, in the warm circle of family or close friends, then you are as a manicure suit design of the new year in the style of an alpine hut. The numbers on the nails done in the form of patterns on a warm sweater. You can draw snowflakes, deers and geometric ornaments. To create a New Year’s Manicure in chalet style, you can use finished labels and overlays on fingernails or take a picture. The color scheme of the nail design of the new year: red, white, green, blue and warm shades of brown.



Knitted Christmas Manicure

An alternative to the alpine hut can be knitted manicure. This new nail design fits perfectly in the frame of a New Year’s Eve country. Home manicure option, may not look festive, but this can create a very nice and gentle way. Knitted manicure just done. There are multiple possibilities. The simplest – Use relief plates on the nails. You can also drag a pattern brush or label it with a texture difference. For example, the cover pattern returns transparent glossy or matt painted vice. To create a velvet effect, flocking suit, and if you still want to make a knitted manicure bright and new year, then use a fine silver dust for extra decoration.


New Year’s Art Deco Manicure

Become a Christmas retro, stop your choice on art deco nail art design. This luxurious manicure will emphasize your sense of style and sophistication. A New Year nail art design in Art Deco style with black, gold or silver gelcoat. Another important point – the right figure, which consists of geometric shapes and lines. Examples of drawings on the nails in the 70s can be seen in the photo. It is very important to complete the picture of the new year to make the right makeup. It can be an arrow or smoky eyes.




New Year’s oriental-style manicure

Lovers of Oriental culture can have a New Year’s manicure in this style. Usually a New Year’s eastern manicure uses magenta gel varnish to create gold foil or glitter. Characters can be drawn with a brush or stick in advance paid applications. New Year’s Manicure on short nails in oriental style looks to be unusual and bright.


Stylish New Year’s Manicure

New Year’s manicure should reflect the character of the arrival of the new year. So do not hesitate to bright colors. On this day, you can use in the new year manicures stylists lots of sequins and other tinsel. Your picture should be bright and catchy. New Year’s Manicure 2016 Photos, which can be seen below, can be done with his own hands using a gel nail. Stay charming and inimitable on this magical night! If you do not have enough creative skills, you will always get help from a variety of stencils and stickers and more photos with manicure ideas! See also the article on winter manicure.