Christmas dresses for girls: The best outfits in 2019

by admin

After producing a girl, we literally start in the delivery room, dreaming of how to dress her in beautiful clothes, make intricate hairstyles, how she will shine in every celebration and in every society, and you will enjoy being proud and tender with her …

Regardless of the free views As we say in raising our daughters, as if practicability and simplicity are paramount, it does not matter if we think of a holiday outfit for our daughter. It is the solemn clothing that first comes to mind. Stylish, spectacular and rich. Especially when it comes to celebrating the New Year.

Christmas dress for a baby can only be a ball, themes or cosplay something. Today, we focus on successful ideas for each of these categories.

We’re going to the ball!

The ball gown usually has a wide skirt. At the same time, the pomp can be supported by numerous ruffles as well as a petticoat in the form of a petin. Avoid crinolines and rigid frames in any form – it is unhealthy and totally uncomfortable at this age. Here are the rules for creating a silhouette extremely simple: a fluffy bottom – a corset-like top that looks like a corset.

In this case, the waist can be either understated or normal, a yoke and other features of the Styles can be used. If the skirt of such a dress is multicolored or contains a decoration, try to choose the top as simple as possible – just with its fabric. In other cases, it can be embellished with rich embroidery, including beads, ribbons, and other things.

To understand what a perfect ball gown should look like for a girl, we recommend you go to a good wedding salon and to imagine what it would look like in other colors. Believe me, many ideas can be more than useful!

Theme Dresses

The New Year is a time exceptionally saturated with meanings, images and allusions to a specific epoch, a cultural layer. For example, choosing an empire-style dress for your daughter highlights her beauty, daydream, and modest charm.

These dresses are also very comfortable due to their high-waisted style to wear. In addition, they are well hidden if this is the case. A very similar variant of this style is the Greek style.

These are light, airy dresses that look like a breeze, do not hinder movement and allow the girl to dance on a New Year’s Eve party to get dressed. You can choose models on one shoulder, you can choose from both a cut-out boat and a floppy fabric shaft, with a waist below the chest or a classic, as well as two “belts” – below the chest and at the waist.

Retro models for New Year dresses are also very appropriate. Undoubtedly, something from the ’20s era is certainly better for older viewers to leave, while girls and younger teens will fit in perfectly with something of the 1950’s fashion – dresses with a fluffy skirt on a tulle skirt (the latter must be slightly visible) to the knee or over and with a boat, which is provided with a wide strip of a stand-up collar or with a normal T-shirt collar.

In one word, review the images of Audrey Hepburn, Diorovsky New Look, and understand what it’s all about. A ribbon with bow on the belt or a nice buckle is a must. The preferred printing material – big peas. The contrasting arrangement of a monophonic top and a skirt is also good.

Learning to be friends with Cosplay

In fact, there’s nothing scary about this concept. By the way, if you pick up a children’s costume for a matinee, you also wear cosplay – Snow White, Squirrel or Little Red Riding Hood.

If the task is not to play a particular scenario, but you only need to be smart at a party, but you want to play along with a favorite or a suitable New Year theme, you may want to give some tips For example, how it is: A snow-white down was covered on the red satin dress on the hem – as a result, little Santa Claus turned out.

Or here’s one more thing: a pair of fluffy pompons of fur on a skirt, a brocade studded with silver, and a Fur is trimmed over a blue, white or silver dress – and a snow queen or winter costume is ready.

Likewise, it’s easy to see the pictures of snowflakes, little red riding hoods, and fairies Of course, and especially any of the Disney princesses to please. Except maybe Mulan and Jasmine – they have a different story with a bottom there.

Tips on choosing colors and fabrics

Well-known designers from the Home and abroad prepared many wonderful new products that offer both ballroom and cocktails, and only weekend dresses for a festive party. The most common shades of models include light pink, berries, light blue, powder beige and lavender. And one of the most pronounced trends was called restraint. At the shows, we observed less luxury and regal lushness, as well as more thematic saturation and versatility of clothing.

The key points to remember when choosing a dress for your daughter

  • dense texture of fabrics;
  • a wealth of applications, embroidery;
  • fur trim, including and patch pockets;
  • a combination of feathers, lace and artificial flowers in retro models;
  • simple trapezoidal styles in monochromatic fabrics with pronounced texture (like crimple);
  • contrasting skirt and bodice;
  • Floral prints;
  • layering (change of ruffles from different types of lace, gas, fabric).

When going to the ball with your daughter, be sure to wear pair dresses for to make themselves and for them so that the baby looks as charming as her fashionable mum. This trend has long been prevalent in family fashion, which is not surprising as it underscores your intimacy and community so beautifully!

How do you choose the perfect Christmas dress for your daughter?

Remember that not only do you have to follow all fashion trends, you also have to pick the dress that the girl is crazy for. If you like it, but you do not believe me, you can definitely ruin a child’s holiday. Shopping together, digging fashion catalogs – that’s fun, secondly, it brings out a flawless taste in your daughter and thirdly, it allows you to find a suitable compromise for everyone. Remember, a good choice of dress is only half the battle. It is also important to choose the right accessories: gloves, if they are supposed to be, shoes and tights, handbag. Choose the right hair and jewelery style in your hair when you need it.