Casual-style fashion: original ideas for every day

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Maybe the style of the Kazhual does not have enough luxury and elegance, but it’s definitely something special and appealing , It is an ideal choice for everyday life. Natural materials and colors, comfortable shoes and comfortable denim will appeal to those who lead an active lifestyle, getting used to stylish yet simple pictures.

Women’s style of casual: basic nuances and recommendations

Each style, even as free as kazhual, incorporates the key trends that make it recognizable and different from other fashion trends. What is the kazhual style and how do you choose things to create a fashionable image of a city fashionista?

The style of the Kazhual is:

  • Quality, well-fitting things, perhaps branded and expensive
  • Basic clothing of a laconic cut
  • Interesting bright accessories with no frills
  • harmonic combination of nuances and prints
  • multi-layered pictures

In the pictures in the style of Kazuhal should not be present under any circumstances:

  • old clothes, long out of fashion
  • things are not in size
  • Things made of cheap synthetic materials
  • catchy big accessories
  • willful sexuality

Casual in English means “carefree, relaxed, every day.” It’s these words, that perfectly characterize the urban style. A mix of comfort and good taste – that’s casual style.

Casual Style for Women 2018: Styles and Ideas for Pictures

The lives of modern women are so diverse that it is absolutely necessary to have things in different situations. Style kezhual can be divided into business, smart, sports, glamor and others. By combining stylish and comfortable things, you can create dozens of fashionable bows. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the main directions of the Kazhalu style.

Business style for women

At work we spend most of our time, so it’s very important how we get dressed. The usual office dress code adopts a strict style. Skirt under the knee, blouse with closed shoulders, high heels, minimal decoration and informal details. To vary and soften such an image is unlikely to work.

If your management is loyal to the workforce, then you’re in luck. Feel free to wear pants of interesting styles: pants pencil, bananas, coyotes. Complete the picture with a sleeveless sleeveless blouse made of light fabrics with a colorful décor. An important element of the business image will be comfortable shoes on a platform or a small heel. Combine things so that you get an outfit that’s suitable for the office environment and looks professional and free.

smart kazhual style for women

The first mention of the smart style appeared in one of the American newspapers in the early twentieth century. In English it means “intelligent, intelligent”. Usually, when it comes to the smart style, it means the masculine image, but the female bow can also be constructed based on the foundations of that direction.

Smart Style – It’s easy, every day, high quality and expensive things. At first glance, a person dressed in the style of an elegant suit does not differ from the crowd, but if you look closely, you can understand that simplicity is not at all cheap.

The main elements of the smart style are clothes made of high quality materials: cotton, linen, fine wool. Compulsory accessories of the elegant style are elegant scarves and scarves, handbags with a classic pattern: a stripe, a Christmas tree, a soft cage.

First of all, the chic style of the casino:

  • comfortable clothes in subtle colors
  • classic styles
  • a variety of accessories: scarves , colored bags, scarves. Admissible expensive and discreet jewelery.

Sport casual style for women

Unlike the name sport is not intended for sports. Sports-style imagery is ideal for women who enjoy spending time in nature, walking in a park or forest. The The main elements of the sport style are the things we wear every day: T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, sports jackets. Shoes that are comfortable on the feet: sneakers, sneakers, briefs.

Sport-Kazual does not tolerate a large number of accessories. Complement your image with insignificant harmonious in the general combination accessories: a knit hat from an oversize, a fitness bracelet, a wide scarf.

A variety of sports style – Active Casual is designed for the whole Sports designed. Bright representatives of this direction – leggings, roast tops, sports suits, shirts and t-shirts.

Style Casual Glamor for Women

The direction involves the use of feminine and glamorous things, simple and cut-free. The main elemen
ts of the casual glamor include cocktail dresses with a sun skirt, baby-like outfits, elegant handbags, low-heeled shoes. All this looks solemn and elegant without hindering movement.

The glamor-style image should not be overcharged with details, look too sexy and heavy. Rather, it’s a gentle girlish style with elements of chic and glamor.

Style casual glamor is distinguished by:

  • elegant but comfortable and not frilly clothing
  • elegant and elegant accessories
  • simple and not overloaded with details of styles

Street Style Casual for Women

Street kazhual is the most extensive and diverse category of kazhual style. Comfortable, functional, stylish – that’s how you can characterize street style. The picture in this style is suitable for all situations that have to do with everyday life in the city: walking through the park, meeting friends, visiting a café, shopping.

Street Kezhual is a modern and fashionable clothing, comfortable and comfortable. Combine different colors, textures and vibrant, memorable details to create an ideal urban style. The only nuance that should be avoided is boredom and total grayness. Even a thing with an unusual style or decor can beautify the whole picture as a whole.

The basic things of streetstyle are jeans, comfy pullovers, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, shorts, quilted jackets.

Modern fashion actively promotes comfortable and comfortable clothing. Gone are the massive platforms and overly high heels, eye-catching and revealing outfits, juicy shades, eye-catching. They’ve been replaced by urban-style clothes that are easy to combine and create dozens of interesting and simple images for every day.