Beautiful Gothic Doll

by admin

Recently, in addition to traditional handicrafts such as crochet and lace bobbin, to control doll shop. Many girls master the difficult art of making dolls, thanks to this we can see many different dolls for every taste and style.

I personally like Gothic doll with realistic shapes, in general, I love the Gothic style. In childhood and adolescence I was probably unable to play and ready to vampires why I love these dolls. Maybe through you the dolls will be sold any unrealized dream. The main thing is that it was nothing more than a game that complements real life.

If I like to dress up a beautiful gothic doll to satisfy its need for Gothic style – that’s good. And if a girl overweight is slim clothes doll model looks, it is bad! We need to know and be able to separate the real and necessary desires – those that have to translate directly into their lives and those that you can play with – embodied in the puppet world.

Then there will be a lot of photos of beautiful Gothic dolls!