Autumn-Winter 2019 Fashionable Ankle Boots: Top Ideas for Stylish Looks

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Ankle boots are undoubtedly the most suitable shoes for the fall-winter season. They are a mix of shoes, half-boots and shoes. Ankle boots perfectly fit the ankle and emphasize the slimming and beauty of female legs.

For the first time, elegant shoe shoes appeared in the collections of English fashionistas. Later they took a place of honor in the collection of famous designers and won with their appearance the hearts of European women. Ankle boots – one of the most popular trends in autumn and winter footwear and will not give up their position. They have long since earned the title of “immortal classics,” thanks to the sophisticated look and versatility of most models.

What awaits fashionistas in the fall-winter season of 2019? Do we have to expect shiny new products or will classic models continue to be trendy? We suggest you find out more along with our review.

Fashionable Velvet Ankle Boots: Aristocratic Trend 2019

Rich and seductive velvet has become the recognized bill of the year. Velvety ankle boots look elegant and rich. The collections show models with thin heels in bright colors. Undoubtedly, these shoes require careful socks and careful care. So, if you choose velvet ankle boots, you have to sacrifice functionality and comfort.

Ankle boots in emerald, cobalt, mustard and light coffee color are among the fashionable novelties of the autumn-winter season 2019. These shades are best suited for the delicate texture of velvet and velor.

Velvety ankle boots have a small minus. In rainy weather you can hardly carry them because you are afraid to ruin your shoes. Therefore, you should only include velvet shoes in your image if you are safe from the weather.

Fashion Boots with Unusual Heels

Designers have just started using the heels to shape and decorate experiment to feel the opinions of simple fashionistas about such models. First, it’s about transparent heels by Fendi and Roberto Cavalli, unusual heels by Jason Wu. At the same time, rhinestones, appliqués, embroidery, glued thread decorations, the contact of colors and materials may be present in the decoration of ankle boots.

A striking and very extravagant Trend of the season – boots without heels. The design of the shoe is designed so that a heel is present. This is evidenced by a three-dimensional platform that can easily rely on a massive heel. Take a look at the photo and you will understand how unusual these models look. Such ankle boots are still perceived with vigilance by fashionistas accustomed to comfortable shoes, but the trend will soon be established in everyday looks, according to designers.

Stylish Shoe with Zipper: Autumn Winter 2019

The fast rhythm in the life of a modern woman characterizes the entire wardrobe. In the case of ankle boots, many models have been simplified by the use of zippers, rubber bands, etc. Lightning not only helps to attach shoes to the foot, but also serves as a very original decor for ankle boots. It can be positioned according to the standard on the side of the product or decorate the model from behind with a full-length zipper from the heel to the top of the ankle boots. Also look at the shoes with a zipper at the front, whose teeth and their “dog” are a bit different from the usual models.

Fashionable Lace-up Ankle Boots: Trend Ideas 2019

Lace-up – a trend that has become one in summer fashion leading position. With the onset of cold weather, the original lacing did not lose relevance, but simply switched to autumn shoes, especially ankle boots. In general, this popularity is not surprising, as the laces of shoes and boots look stylish and attractive.

In addition to classic belts, this season will also feature Satin and suede straps, chains and straps used as lacing. The lacing can be placed in slots as in conventional models, wrapped around the leg and connected with a spectacular bow.

The laces look great on the models with ankle boots on a tractor platform, on a hairpin bend and on one thick heel.

Stylish ankle boots with chains and Rivets: Youth Trend of Autumn-Winter 2019

The chains have long ceased to be the prerogative of subculture representatives and have gone seamlessly into the wardrobes of simple fashionistas who want to add extravagance notes to their image. The new season offered the girls original boots on a high platform, richly decorated with metal decor. Also popular are shoes with unusual lacing and ri

Ankle boots with metal decoration are not just shoes, but a harmonious combination of coarse steel decor and cute feminine style. For example, if you want to buy ankle boots and chain ankle boots, you should look at the shoes in soft light shades and laces with straps instead of the classic harness.

Fashionable metal ankle boots

The “cosmic” theme does not lose relevance even in cold seasons. It’s time to change the “metal” sandals into stylish silver and gold ankle boots. The style and decor of such models can be absolutely anything, as the main decoration of such shoes is the color scheme.

How to wear ankle boots in the fall-winter season 2019

Modern shoes attract with their variability and the lack of strict fashion restrictions. After you have filled the clothes with stylish shoe shoes, you can safely combine them with a variety of garments:

  • Jeans
  • Gaiters
  • Rock
  • clothe
  • Jeggins

Skinny jeans and rolled up models are great for ankle boots. Choose this model so that it does not close the top of the ankle boots. It is not recommended to combine ankle boots with short jeans, 7/8 pants and high waist models. This combination makes the legs visually shorter.

Leggings and dzhegginsy – the best choice for owners of perfect slim legs. With skintight pants, trendy ankle boots on the platform or on the heels, you can create a stylish image complemented with a long coat or a short leather jacket.

If you combine ankle boots with a dress, you prefer mini models. This mix looks best and most attractive. Although many ladies combine ankle boots with skirts of different lengths. Under the dress, designers recommend buying ankle boots with beveled toe.

Ankle boots are classic low-top shoes whose “lifespan” is limited to a few Weeks is limited. Nevertheless, no stylish image of a real fashionista can do without ankle boots. It’s the best choice for a cool, rainy autumn and a warm winter.