Autumn Manicure: Color

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The colors for the fall Manicure take, of course, yellow, red, orange, brown, gray, blue and others.

  • ripe rowan and herb Bordeaux

These noble shades are best to leave the “clean” without mixing with other colors. For example, in matte-monochrome, moon manicure or colored French manicure. If we really want to figure on the nails, it’s better to decorate a nail with fall applications or pictures.

  • the golden autumn

To create a trendy manicure perfect fall gold (gold manicure), copper or bronze coated nails. This can thwart manicure with sequins or rhinestones that sparkle in the sun. An alternative possibility would be to paint with filler or mother of pearl

  • sunny orange and yellow

Autumn manicure unthinkable without these shades. Here are just a cold yellows that were so popular in the summer, it is better to replace the warmer colors, nail design at the same time may be different.

  • Raindrops

Autumn manicures associated with yellowed leaves, but characteristic of the cold for a later period of time blue-gray shades, which can also be used in nail design. As a decoration, you can depict the raindrops. They are carefully painted with a fine brush or a combination of colored and clear lacquer (as in the photo below).

Autumn Manicure: Technology

  • Velvet Season

For autumn manicure perfect way this year, matte coating and, of course, velvet (flocking). Watch such cover also stylish, striped design.

  • fashion Gradients

Another popular in this year’s coating technology, which combines multiple paint colors. Better combine the shadows in the paint. Examples of autumnal manicure made to see gradient in the photo.

  • Theme Painting

Trendy last season Peas, stripes and other designs for the fall manicure does not fit. It is better to rent the services of masters of the art of nails and to create the nails a picture of the autumn landscape. You can draw a maple leaf, oak or birch, tufts of ripe berries and other drawings. If you do not have time for art painting nails, then you can use the stencils (stemping manicure) or applications (Photo Design).

Creating a manicure fall fashion is a creative process that requires inspiration. Below is a collection of photos with different varieties of nail art designs for fall themes.

Fashion trends in manicure fall

2017, in nail art – what to be popular in 2016 ? First of all, the creation of different textured manicure options combines, if in a design sand, transparency, gold, matte, etc. The mod will also be interesting effects in the play of colors, mixing different shades. For autumn manicure 2016 – 2017 actual military style. But the photo will tell better than any words about the recent innovations in nails design.

Collection Photo: Autumn Manicure