All you need to know about the office dress (not written) dress code

by admin

The holiday season is in full swing and for many, the famous office party is the origin

We want to be on our 36 (this is the time to impress our colleagues with our fabulous evening look!), but at the same time we must remember that even if the time at the party is everything from a professional environment.

Here are the classic faux pas that you should avoid on the office party, as well as some fashionable inspirations that highlight you … in a good way!

The missteps, NEVER commit

Generally you should wear:

  • A dizzying snippet
  • A skirt or an ultra-short dress
  • An Outfit, that reveals our underwear. Although the effects of transparency tend to be more likely to be reserved for the weekend and the celebrations between friends.
  • A short, cropped waist that shows our navel. In 2019, the short-cut top will be worn as an overlay or with a high skirt / pants. No belly button on the horizon!

Get dressed for the place

In addition to these missteps, you should also be sure of where the party is takes place. A fancy evening gown is very well suited if the event takes place in a large hotel, but less so in an urban restaurant bar.

When in doubt, it’s always interesting to ask colleagues what they want to wear.

Some inspirations …


Lack of inspiration? First of all, note that the accessories are fantastic to add a touch of glamor to a look as simple as it is.

Statement earrings can enhance the simplest outfits:


It’s also time to take out your sequins and other garments with details: skirt, bodice, jacket or dress, you’ll make a thousand lights shine !

Clothing with integrated jewelry

Jewelery applications are always about to celebrate!

A fancy dress

We always proclaim the versatility of the little black dress, but why not a different color dare, like a metallic texture or a print?