A variety of modern blonde shades in the new season

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The popularity of the blonde is based on its rarity compared to dark hair. The chemical industry has given us an excellent opportunity to increase the number of blondes in the world. Now any lady who naturally has dark curls can become a gentle blonde with ashen strands. For this reason, one can not talk about the rarity of this color, but the popularity of bright shades not only does not disappear but also increases every year.

Warm blonde sunglasses

The palette of bright colors has hundreds of colors. The main division is done in warm and cold colors. In the new season of 2018, the best of the Warm Range will remain:

  • golden blond;
  • Wheat blond;
  • Caramel blond.

Golden Blonde

This area is characterized by a light yellow glow. Juicy golden shades give the hair a chic, expensive look and refine the overall picture. It is believed that the golden blond fits any color. It’s important to just pick the right tone.

For girls, the best color is brown, blue or gray-blue eyes and a warm skin tone out. For longer hair shine, experts recommend using a toned balm regularly.

Wheaten blond

Wheat blonde in this area is characterized by the naturalness and heaviness of the resulting image. The advantage of the color is that it can be easily reached at home.

This shade also requires careful care with color cosmetics, otherwise the Hair soon yellow. Among the natural shades of wheat, blond will be the most popular in the new season.

Caramel Blonde

This shadow of something resembles a Wheaten, but diluted with a redhead. Among the caramel colors:

  • light;
  • golden;
  • honey;
  • chocolate and others.

More reddish tones decorate girls with fair skin. Warm tones are suitable for those with darker skin and brown eyes. You can achieve caramel shades only in the salon, as this requires careful selection and mixing of shades. After tinting in “caramel” a tinted balm is simply necessary.

California blond

Sub the fashion trends in the field of blonde California coloring. It is a transition from one light shadow to another. Individual strands are painted so that the roots have a deep, dark shadow and turn into discolored ends. The technique is something like melioration, but as a result there is no such sharp contrast. Hairstyle looks classy and exquisite.

California coloring has several advantages:

  • no need to use foil;
  • the process takes a little time because it requires a whitening of only a few tones;
  • at the ends no additional volume is created;
  • there is no unnatural change of colors.

The best from an aesthetic point of view, this color looks like dark blond hair. But bright blondes can be happy and wonder about the change in their appearance. After dyeing it is important to tighten the hair. It is necessary in the end to achieve the effect of burned hair. This is a relatively safe way to create a new image. This color is even visible on the red carpet on the heads of Madonna, Brigitte Bordeaux, Patricia Kaas and many young stars.

The Dark Blonde

In the new season, the dark blond will be very popular. Foreign stylists even came up with the name of this color fusion – from the English words “blond” and “brown” it turned out to be “bronde”. As a result, you get a unique color that can be adapted to any color and skin color. The image will be complete and harmonious.

Brond is something in between, between a chestnut color and a blonde. There are a number of ways to achieve the desired effect. For natural blondes, the easiest way is to tone in a dark shade. Dark colors – chestnut or dark brown – must be clarified using the Balajazh technique. The result should be dark be golden strands. It is allowed to stand out from the natural hue by only three tones. It is important to preserve the naturalness so important for the new season.

In the case of a bronze, the use of a trick is acceptable: strands on the face are highlighted compared to the main body of the hair. It softens facial features and rejuvenates the image as a whole. Alternatives may be accents in the form of a few brightened strands along the entire length.

The benefits of coloring include long pauses between refreshing color procedures. There are no overgrown sloppy roots and other problems associated with the simple coloring of hair. In addition, no toning is required to maintain the effect. Enough lines for the care of colored hair.

Cold blond

Not all blondes fit. Moreover, their performance is only available to the real masters of their business. Nonetheless, the demand for color in the fashion tones of a cold blonde is growing. Popular in lace:

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  • ash blond;
  • blond platinum;
  • flaxseed blonde.
  • ash blond

    This connotation is associated with aristocratic images. He is equipped with elegance and depth. Bright tones give the picture tenderness and sophistication, and darker tones complement the romantic arc. It is best to dye your hair in such a shade for girls and women with summer color. It is important that the eyes are bright. If the application is incorrect, ashen shades may add a few extra years to the owner.

    Platinum Blonde

    The noble platinum tone of the blonde is very popular with celebrities. It is common in women and men. The palette of tones is varied, from pearl to light brown. This color is better for girls with a cold tint of the skin and light eyes. Those who choose such image changes must remember that the color of the platinum blonde is the most aggressive. It is not recommended to create it at home. Care for hair painted in platinum tones should be daily and complex.

    Linen Blonde

    This shade is almost white. When used properly, it gives the picture lightness and airiness. If desired, you can add a yellowish or gray hue to the tone. Depending on this, the coloration may be suitable for multiple color types.

    Regardless of popularity, compatibility and harmony is the main criterion for creating a fashion image. Even the most popular color can ruin the onion if misused.