5 fashionable shapes that can be made on long nails

by admin

The maximum length of the nails this season is something of a classic. We tell you what kind of fashionable women prefer.

Long nails are back in fashion, at least that means you have more design options. We’ve collected the hottest here.


Long almond-shaped nails with a pinched tip are a real hit of the season. The shape of the ballerina came from the American Nineties and the design really refers to the manicure of the dancers. The latter were permeated with it because blunt tips greatly reduce the risk of damage to the nail plate.


The round Shape of the nails is acceptable in ordinary life and visually extends the fingers. Choose it, it’s also worth it because the soft and sharp squares are too long for us to callused eyes.


Almond – an oblong shape, pointed and slightly rounded at the top. This rounding makes the nails much more resistant on working days. Generally almost ideal option for those who are afraid of ruining the manicure in the first week.


The summit is the more extreme version of the almond shape. However, a highly pointed tip requires special care in the sock (well, you understand everything yourself).


The shape of the edge is a mixture of tips and almonds, and the first version flows seamlessly into the second. For such nails you need the maximum length, so you probably need to make an extension with spikes. But the result, as you can see, is worth every effort.